Posted: March 24th, 2023

Why Liberalism is the Best Ideology for Achieving World Social Order


People hold different ideas, especially about how society should be as opposed to how it is. The notion brings the creation of a model society based on the most effective organizing principle. Individuals use such ideologies as conservatism, liberalism, socialism, communism, and fascism when discussing societal issues (Heywood 1). However, they do not have a similar effect in their explanation of the social order, some stronger and more effective in their account.

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The Best Ideology

Liberalism offers the best blueprint for the creation of social order. The idea behind it is the commitment to the needs and interests of society (Heywood 24). Thus, people should not be oppressed but allowed the freedom to pursue their goals and achieve fulfillment. Liberals believe that human beings can reason and create an ideal society where the members have the liberty to choose their path in life without interfering with the rights of others. For instance, since people can be rational, they should be allowed to select the most effective solution to problems, such as climate change.

The Ideology with the Greatest Potential for Abuse

Socialism is the easiest ideology to abuse because of the lack of individual control. It does not allow a free market since the government controls the process. Potentially, this is one of the reasons for the failure to monitor climate change because the efforts are left to the government and other policy leaders without the citizens’ opinions. The representatives of many countries have failed to come up with a successful solution (Freeman). In socialism, society suffers the risk of tyranny as the government makes all crucial decisions on behalf of the people.

The Domestic Versus International Ideal Society

Liberalism supports the creation of an open-minded society with laws protecting people from oppression or abuse. Therefore, locally or internationally, the ideal society follows the rule of law and protects the people’s freedom (Heywood 24). However, while achieving such an ideal locally might be easier, it could be challenging to do the same internationally. Respecting the rights of the people is easier than respecting the sovereignty of other states and still working together to build an ideal global society. For instance, climate change efforts might work locally, but internationally it might be difficult unless all countries are willing to participate.

Prescription of Liberalism at Home Versus Pursuing World Order

Considering the interconnection of the world system, the ideal society locally might be hindered by failures in the global system. The United States, for example, has been pursuing the idea of creating a global social order by promoting the rule of law and respect for personal liberty. The concept of social order propagated at home is also critical abroad to help address global challenges, such as climate change and terrorism. Unless the world reaches this point, such problems will be challenging to resolve.

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Ideologies are critical as the building blocks of political ideas. They differ in their view of culture, especially when establishing the social order. While efforts to achieve an ideal society have failed in the past, liberalism is the closest the world can come to achieving this objective. Hence, global leaders should support and implement the ideology in various global efforts, such as addressing climate change.


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