Posted: March 24th, 2023

Why I Want to Study Optometry: Admission Essay

Unlike many friends I met during my studies, I was unaware whether I wanted to be a doctor since I started my studies in junior school. However, my admiration was always on those people who had accomplished great things in the field of medicine, especially anything to do with the eyesight. Unlike before, medical practitioners can dedicate their lives and career to assist their patients and the society. In fact, as my interest in optometry became evident, I have never thought of a better and rewarding career than the one that allows me to serve the people and assisting them in viewing the world around them more swiftly. My strong connection and interest in optometry have grown because I believe that sight is one aspect individuals take for granted.

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When I worked as an optometrist at Magrabi Optical in Riyadh, I encountered many patients and children who visited the facility to undergo vision therapy. In fact, the experience I got from this facility made me realize that optometry is much more than eye examination and fitting of glasses. Indeed, I realized that there are more eye disorders than the common farsightedness and nearsightedness. In addition, I had the opportunity to observe and assist in various sessions on vision therapy, a situation that made me eager to learn more about how to assist children in correcting any eye problem which might be hindering their studies.

In addition, my internship in Optometry in King Abdulaziz university hospital and Prince Mohammed bin Naif Medical Center significantly impacted my optometry knowledge and approach. Through these facilities, I realized that there is vision therapy where the patient would be assisted by a vision therapist who would train their eyes to work properly through eye exercises. In fact, through these sessions, I had an opportunity to appreciate the work the optometrists do behind the scenes to accomplish the vision therapy procedures.

Through various training courses, including Saudi Association Optometry Conference, Refraction and Astigmatism Course, Contact Lens Fitting, Communication Courses, as well as organizer of conferences for the University and Ministry of Higher Education, I am able to work with my clients in overcoming their personal challenges and keeping confidential information according to the agreement with the program. In addition, I could interact and assist my fellow students and learned how to be more attentive and emphatic to peoples’ needs. I realized that I rank high in empathy and sympathy in this setup.

Given this opportunity, I anticipate that some few years from now, I will use my training and skills to improve people’s eyesight in the society and, more so, the children through preventive measures. I would like to have a firm career in optometry because optometrists can enhance one of the fundamental senses that many people value: sight. In fact, optometry entails noninvasive treatment, and all individuals are ready to visit a doctor. Therefore, there is a necessity for eye doctors in all hospitals because sight is regarded as an important aspect of peoples’ live. It is worth noting that optometrists are not limited to the health of the eyes alone. Still, they tackle the individuals’ well-being because many potential diseases and illnesses are first manifested through the visible changes of the eyes. In essence, I highly regard this aspect of knowing that the optometrists care for my overall health, and I have the same conviction that through my master’s studies in Optometry and Vision Sciences at Ohio States University, I will make a big difference in the society as dictated by my career.

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More importantly, after I complete my Masters in Optometry in Vision Sciences from Ohio States University, I plan to participate as a primary healthcare provider as well as utilize the optics modified towards diverse vision impairment, which will assist my clients in adjusting to their daily lives. I am also cognizant that a doctor should keep updating his/her education to match the needs of the society and keep up with the dynamic field of technology and medicine. Therefore, during my studies and research in the university, I intend to focus on the ways to bring the basic vision techniques and resources to the less fortunate, an initiative that will close the gap created by the socioeconomic inequalities. In this aspect, the master’s degree will give me a platform for further studies in the Doctor of Optometry, where I intend to become the best optometrist, an educator, and a healthcare provider.


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