Posted: March 24th, 2023

What is the Set Point Theory?

Discussing Set Point Theory in science is essential because today’s world is characterized by people who are suffering from eating disorders. As a matter of fact, all human bodies have a certain weight range that is programmed to help the entire body function optimally. Therefore, there is a  need for people with eating disorders to understand that an average person’s body works according to his or her set point level. Concisely, science substantiates that everybody has a different set point weight (Woods 1). In fact, no one controls his or her set point, just as it is impossible to restrain hair or eye color and height. Hence, it is imperative to observe an ideal weight by keeping fit, ensuring that the natural set point weight is maintained.

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Importantly, people should understand that set point weight is highly determined by one’s genetic makeup. Secondly, individuals should know that the human body has a regulatory mechanism that ensures that a person’s natural weight is sustained. Therefore, if a person over-eats, the body temperature rises, which triggers the metabolism mechanism to burn down the extra calories (Woods 1). On the other hand, when the body lacks enough food to maintain its natural weight, its basal metabolism slows down to help retain the spare calories for the purpose of the body’s activities. Notably, when a person abandons healthy eating habits, the body resolves to increase hunger levels. As a result, an individual becomes preoccupied with excessive thoughts about food while the metabolic rate decreases.

In essence, an underfed person’s concentration level decreases due to reduced metabolism and overwhelming thoughts about food-related issues (Woods 1). Mostly, due to underfeeding, binge eating habits may start recurring, and to some extent, a person can lose control over the food needed in the body, thus leading to excessive weight gain.


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