Posted: March 24th, 2023

Types of Online Payment Methods

Amazon Payment fully owns Amazon payment. Its primary function is to provide a platform for online transactions. Amazon payment was launched in 2007 and runs on the consumer base and usually focuses on giving the customers the same checkout experience as in the online shopping.  Customers use the Amazon Payment to pay for services and goods from the US websites where they use the Amazon accounts, including the Master Card and the Visa Card. The Amazon clients who wish to check out using the Amazon account can do so without necessarily using the shipping addresses or the credit card numbers (Taylor, 2013).

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Google Wallet

Google wallet is a service developed by Google enabling people to receive and send money without charges from a computer or a mobile device. Neither the sender nor the receiver is charged. When setting up the Google wallet, the account has to be linked to a bank account or a debit card in the United States. One can use the Google Wallet through the Google Wallet app, which is available for Android users, Google Wallet Card, and the Gmail. The Google wallet card is an option for the app users because they have similar functions. The Card can be used to withdraw cash from ATMs without attracting charges from Google (Taylor, 2013). However, the services offered will be discontinued as from 30th June 2016.

Bill Me Later

 Bill Me Later is a payment mode named after its proprietor. It is now known as the Pay Pal Credit. The website offers clients revolving credit that allows online payments without using the credit cards. After opening an account, the approved customer is able to pay bills via mail and online payment through a bank account or a phone platform.

WU Pay

WU Pay is an online payment platform commonly known as the Western Union. The platform can also be used to send money using the bank account as they are linked. The Western Union platform allows sending and receiving money safely through online platforms. For one to complete the transactions, you will have to pay your bank’s online bill just like any other utility bill (Travor and Laudon, 2007). The mode of payment is very popular, and many people trust it as a mode of payment and money transfer in the United States and all over the world.


Dwolla is an e-commerce company that provides mobile payments and online payment systems. The company started operating in 2008, and its services were limited to Lowa only. Later in 2010, Dwolla was launched in the United States (Taylor, 2013). The services provided by this company are slowly gaining popularity, especially with the increased use of mobile phones. Dwolla is making it easier to transfer money and make payments via the phone.

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Stripe is an Irish e-commerce company that allows businesses and private individuals to make payments through the internet. The company has greatly invested in the money transfer security, which has greatly increased confidence in its growing customer base. The company has highly focused on providing safe money transfer, fraud prevention, and online payment infrastructures, creating customer confidence. The Company started in 2010 and was launched publicly in September 2011 (Travor and Laudon, 2007).



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