Posted: March 24th, 2023

The Role of Nursing Informatics in Healthcare Organizations


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The changing technological and communication trends in today’s world have necessitated the inclusion of nursing informatics in the healthcare sector. Those professionals in this field play a critical role in the interaction between the computer systems and the patients’ data. The field acts as the communication point between the IT staff and the clinical nurses. As specialists, nurse informaticists access and apply data as well as collaborate with other specialists to ensure that appropriate data is available to allow decision-making and improve the patient’s well-being.

Interaction Between Nurse Informaticists and Other Professionals

Nursing informatics converge healthcare, computer, and information science. Hence, nurses interact with data and information when offering care, including assessment, diagnosis, planning, implementation, and evaluation (Darvish et al. 16). On the other hand, nursing informaticists share the data obtained, improve the integrity of such data, and enhance the security of database systems. They centralize control through a flexible conceptual design. Nursing processes incorporate nursing informatics for the effective provision of health care. The informaticists interact with data from different units, including the finance department when managing financial data of an organization. For instance, funds that originate from different sources, such as government, insurance companies, or private funding, are channeled to different healthcare organizations. Therefore, the management and safety of such financial data are under nursing informatics department (Kleib 22). The nurse informaticists are also experienced in the management of the revenue cycle and account receivable. Hence, those professionals collaborate with various professionals to meet organizational goals.

Strategies to Improve the Interactions

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Although nursing informaticists have greatly improved service delivery in healthcare organizations, some adjustments should be made to enhance the interactions of professionals. The procedure remains complex, a factor that limits the way those professionals operate with other departments. The process should be user-friendly to ensure that nurses operating from different departments can access and interact with the system with ease. The need for multiple external databases could affect the safety of data stored. Therefore, merging the databases and having a central point of reference can reduce the loss of data and minimize system failure.

Impact of Emergence of New Technology on Professional Interactions

The evolution of nursing informatics has played a significant role to improve healthcare service delivery. Patients’ data is accessed from a central point, which helps nurses to retrieve the medical history of a patient. Accessibility of data helps the nurses to make a diagnosis based on earlier and current history. The symptoms of various diseases in the database equip the nurses with significant knowledge, regarding curative measures of various diseases. The emergence of new technology will enhance the professional interaction because nurses can study and assess the patient’s medical status and suggest advanced care for further treatment (Bowles, Dykes and Demiris 7). Besides, through technology, nursing informatics will assist nurses in utilizing informatics in healthcare (Strachan et al. 87). The interaction between nursing informaticists and other professionals will not only improve service delivery but also enhance disease management.


As it is palpable from the discussion above, the field of nursing informatics has evolved with the emergence of new technology. The nursing informaticists have played a significant role in enhancing service delivery. Their interaction with other professionals is important since they play a critical role in solving various problems affecting the patients. When the nursing informatics collaborate with other professionals, they can initiate solutions to problems affecting the healthcare sector.

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