Posted: March 24th, 2023

The Importance of Legislation of Policies that Protect Whistleblowers

The author’s key point is the importance of legislation of policies that protect whistleblowers that expose the wrongdoings in organizations. The author has greatly studied the protection of the whistleblowers regarding the aspect of moral autonomy. The author also looks into the effects of the legal developments on the whistle-blowing in organizations and the responsibilities of the whistleblowers.

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Various reasons have been expressed to have legislation of policies that protect whistleblowers. Firstly, the legislation of the policies seeks either to increase an individual work responsibility and moral autonomy at work or to protect the organization by allowing them to control employees; hence, making them liable to work ethics. Secondly, the focus on the ethics and ethical behavior in organizations have greatly contributed to the need for legal protection for the whistleblowers. Lastly, the legislation of policies that seek to protect the whistleblowers must be seen as a call for organizations to be accountable to the society.

However, there is no evidence that shows that whistle-blowing policies in organizations intensify individualization at work or play a role in making employees behave by their conscience. Additionally, there has been concern that the organizations may be using the policies to protect themselves from the whistleblowers.

Under those premises, I agree with the author that the policies that protect whistleblowers in organizations should be implemented since they will ensure that people raise concerns about the organizations they work in. Through whistleblowing, the organization’s crimes will be exposed and rectified accordingly, thereby building confidence in the society and increasing employee accountability. Additionally, organizations can justify the policies as a mechanism for ensuring the moral autonomy of persons in the organizations. Lastly, these policies will enable people to be moral agents responsible for their behavior and act in a manner that corresponds with their conscience.


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