Posted: March 24th, 2023

The Implications of Trump’s Presidency

The American went to the polls in early November to elect their president. Most of the people from different parts of the world did not expect Trump to win. His election victory stunned many and sent economic and political ripples across the world. His win left many people, especially the foreigners, the immigrants, and those who wished to move to America, worried and unhappy. Most foreigners are apprehensive about whether Trump will actualize his campaign promises, especially against Muslims, once he assumes office. During his campaigns, Trump strongly spoke against the immigrants and proposed the need to vet those willing to come to America. Under those premises, discussing how Trump’s victory has affected the foreigners and immigrants in the United States is imperative.

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The aspect of Donald Trump’s presidency has left many foreigners in a precarious position, especially the international students who feel they may be barred from studying in America. During his campaigns, Trump strongly spoke against the foreigners and immigrants and stated that he would deport individuals who are in the country illegally. In fact, individuals internationally are dissatisfied, given that many consider him a racist who spoke against the Muslims living in the US (Marsh, 2016). Trump had indicated that there is a need to have them properly vetted, a process that will make it hard for those willing to visit, live, or study in the United States. Therefore, his victory as president has left many foreigners uncertain of their future in the US.

In his campaigns, Trump has made major policy proposals on immigrants that may have serious implications for the foreigners living, working, and studying in the America. His sentiments were mostly against the Islam, especially when he claimed that all the Muslims would be temporarily banned from coming to the US and he would have all those ready to move to America vetted. His plan was mostly based on countries with a history of terrorism. Therefore, this would make it more difficult for international students seeking further studies as well as other individuals willing to go to America, especially people from the Middle East (Redden, 2016). In this case, a Trump’s win has doomed many lives of foreigners since the day he was declared the President-elect.

In addition, Trump plans to repatriate all the illegal immigrants from certain nations and cancel their visas; hence, making sure they do not return to America. Trump opinions on immigrants and foreigners have complicated the lives of those individuals who are seeking to come to the United States for internships or job opportunities (Baker, 2016). Evidently, foreigners not on the list of US allies, especially those from the Muslim community, are dissatisfied with Trump’s leadership, particularly after his stances against them.

Therefore, the discussion shows that most foreigners and immigrants living, working, studying, or those who wish to move to America are unhappy with Trump’s victory. The President-elect has made serious opinions against these groups of people; hence, they are not sure of the actions that Trump will take against them. He has said he will ban all Muslims from going to America until a vetting procedure is put in place. On the other hand, Trump had indicated that he would send all foreigners back to their countries and cancel their visas, barring them from visiting the United States. In essence, Trump stand on foreigners and immigrants will make it difficult for foreigners to live or work in the United States.

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