Posted: March 24th, 2023

Strategies and Interventions

Strategies and Interventions for Quality Improvement and Patient Satisfaction

The unit has put considerable efforts to improve the level of patient satisfaction by enhancing the quality of services offered to patients. The unit leadership has implemented major strategies and interventions towards quality improvement in the geriatric medical nursing unit. The strategies were effective in achieving sustainable change in the nursing unit, regardless of the low performance in the “patient very satisfied” (top box) part of the survey. Carayon et al. (2014) discuss the change process, which considers various human factors that might affect the outcome. As a result, the change might take time to achieve the desired results, but the effort made is in the right direction. For example, following the implementation of the strategies, the unit has been receiving adequate data from patients since the length of stay on this inpatient geriatric medical nursing unit is about six days. Although the percentage of “patient very satisfied,” with a score of 5, has been in the low 70s and below the national benchmark for the medical-surgical units, which is 85% at “very satisfied,” the team working in the unit has shown the potential for positive quality improvement.

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The nurse manager and CNO can count on the unit to exceed the national benchmark in the next quarter of the following year. From the chart, it is evident that the strategies are implemented over some time because change is an ongoing process (Rubenstein et al., 2014). The unit has used evidence-based interventions that will involve individuals and the entire team in the effort to change. For instance, training plays a significant role in changing the culture of the unit to adopt positive care environment. The chart includes concerted efforts by the nurse leaders to train the team on the significance of patient satisfaction monitoring and proper care, such as pain and pain management. The strategies are feasible for realistic efforts to implement positive quality changes and improve patient satisfaction. Besides, the run chart covers all areas that require modification to enhance the quality of services. For example, it contains the nature of training necessary to improve quality as well as some practical steps that members of the team should take to achieve the desired objectives, such as performing pain assessment.

The run chart supports the nursing unit’s decision to celebrate due to the potential for positive results in the unit that will be reflected in the whole organization. The strategies and timelines reveal determined efforts by the staff in the unit to achieve long-term change. The comprehensiveness of the strategies indicates that they have covered all areas of the quality improvement effort. In addition, they have covered preparedness through training, quality assessment, data collection and monitoring, teamwork, pain management, and a complete change in attitude towards patient care. The anticipated changes from the effort are a reason for celebration by the team. Therefore, the leadership team can be confident that the trend will continue in the future since the strategies are aimed at enhancing a positive culture that embraces quality. Creating a climate that supports quality has long-term effects on the work ethos of nurses (McFadden, Stock, & Gowen III, 2015). Besides, the leaders can be confident about the sustainability of the change because they have been part of the team effort to achieve lasting change associated with quality and patient satisfaction.

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