Posted: March 24th, 2023

Six Sigma Responsibilities

A Glossary of “Role Areas” in a Six Sigma Program

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It depicts a team or a council of individuals tasked with planning, initiating, and overseeing the activities in a Six Sigma program.


The term is often used to refer to “someone who supports a person, organization, or activity by giving money” (“Sponsor,” n.d). The sponsor depicts persons with excellent knowledge of the Six Sigma program, and who invests both capital and ideas to facilitate the process.
Implementation Leader

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Refers to a person(s) who supervises and manages the needs of workers to ensure the achievement of the proposed Six Sigma program. “Implementation Leader” acts as a link between the leadership team and the employees.


It depicts an individual with exemplary skills, who offers guidance on effective implementation of the Six Sigma program. The “Coach” acts as a mediator in case of conflicts during the program’s life (“Six Sigma-Organization,” n.d). The duty of the “coach” is to enhance the achievement of program goals with great ease.
Team Leader


Depicts an individual in charge of overseeing the performance of a team tasked with conducting the activities of the Six Sigma program. A “team leader” manages resources, monitors the progress of the project, and communicates the results to the team members and the sponsor.
Team Member


The terms refer to an individual in the lowest hierarchy of the Six Sigma program, whose scope of work entails attempting specified tasks to facilitate achievement of the set goals. The “team member” works under the direct supervision of the team leader.
Process Owner Process Owner refers to the individual in charge of a Six Sigma program. The “process owner” evaluates the performance of the program, and may authorize for changes if the process fails to meet the expected goals.



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