Posted: March 24th, 2023


Immigration Laws in the United States


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Immigration laws in the United States have come into sharp focus concerning the compliance with the provisions protecting immigrants. There have been several arguments regarding the state of immigrants in the United States, particularly concerning the stipulations of the laws. Since many people are migrating to the United States each year, there is need to investigate the immigration laws of the country and determine whether they protect immigrants or not (Dau-Schmidt, Malin, Corrada & Camron, 2009). Another important point of analysis is whether the laws are complied with in the course of protecting the rights of immigrants. The findings of this study will help in informing further changes towards the welfare of immigrant communities in the United States.

Problem Statement

Discrimination is a very common occurrence in the United States among the immigrant communities who come to the country in search for job opportunities. Cases of cultural, religious, and racial discrimination remain ubiquitous in the U.S. The immigrant communities are subjected to low wages, poor working conditions, and unfair dismissal. There is need to determine the current level of compliance with the United States labor laws regarding the protection of immigrants.

Purpose of the Study

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The purpose of this study is to investigate the labor laws of the United States, particularly the aspect of compliance with respect to the protection of immigrants. The study stems from the perceived discrimination challenges faced by immigrants who flock the country every year.


Most immigrant workers experience several challenges that comprise cultural and religious discrimination. The immigrants are also subjected to unfair dismissal, low wages and poor conditions of work. Many migrants concentrate on getting employment to the extent that they do not understand their full rights.

Null Hypothesis

Immigrants experience no form of discrimination in the process of entering the United States workforce and that once they become citizens, they are ready to start a successful life (Rothstein & Liebman, 2011).

Research Design:

            Applied research design will be adopted through which literature and findings from studies conducted previously on immigration and laws will be utilized. The main reason for choosing this research design is to develop a better understanding of the existing laws in the process of evaluating real-life situations.

Significance of Study

The findings of this study will be significant to policymakers because it will inform the relevant policy changes to help immigrant workers understand their rights and ensure that these rights are protected. In addition, the study will offer insight to migrant workers all over the world regarding the pursuit of labor protection (Rutherglen, 2010). The study will further expose the problems faced by immigrant workers for labor organizations to intervene and launch the relevant actions.


Immigrant workers in the United States face numerous challenges that revolve around the compliance with labor laws of the United States towards the protection of their rights. The immigrant workers do not understand the relevant labor laws regarding their rights. As a result, they do not understand their rights and cannot stand up for themselves. The purpose of the study will be to investigate the experiences of immigrants regarding cases of discrimination as well as determine the stipulations of labor laws regarding the same. Applied research design will be adopted as a way of developing a better understanding of the subject matter from previous studies and literature in the same topic. The study will be significant to policymakers for purposes of making policy changes.

Quantitative Template

The purpose of this correlational study is to test the theory that most immigrant workers face discrimination and are unaware of their rights that relates the discrimination of immigrant workers in US labor laws controlling for the understanding of the rights for immigrant workers at United States. The independent variables/ one of the variables of interest the compliance with labor laws will be generally defined as the process implementing the laws in letter and spirit. The dependent variables and other variable of interest will be generally defined as awareness of the rights of immigrant workers and the control and intervening variables, legal stipulations of labor laws will be statistically controlled in this study.
Problem Statement: there is a need for a study to investigate the problems faced by immigrant workers in the US and the compliance of the labor laws.

Sample: previous studies and literature published from 2010-2017
Setting/Site: United States
Ethical Considerations: due consent will be sought before using data from previous studies or literature.

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