Posted: March 24th, 2023

Presentation Summary

Slide 1 contains the title of the presentation.

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Slide 2 is the purpose of the presentation, which is to propose the administration of influenza vaccine as a way of preventing flu among patients aged 65 and older during the flu season.

Slide 3 has an image that shows the need for a flu shot.

Slide 4 describes the problem, which is the vulnerability of older adults to flu and flu-related complications, such as pneumonia and hospitalizations because immunity declines with age.

Slides 5 and 6 contains a review of recent literature that shows the efficacy of seasonal influenza vaccination in preventing seasonal flu among older adults through the production of effective antibodies to fight possible infections.

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Slide 7 has The PICOT question: In Patients ages 65 and older, how does the administration of influenza vaccine compare to not receiving the vaccine influence their risk of developing pneumonia during the flu season? And the explanation of its elements.

Slide 8 shows the proposed intervention, a vaccination of individuals aged 65 years and older against flu using an effective vaccination such as IIV3-HD,

Slide 9 contains the implementation of the intervention in a community setting, targeting individuals aged 65 years and older.

Slide 10 contains the proposed evaluation of the proposed intervention using quantitative data using hospital records within the community.

Slide 11 shows the implications of the intervention for practice.

Slide 12 is about the contribution of the intervention to the science of nursing

Slide 13 is a conclusion that summarizes the presentation proving the need for the intervention to prevent flu among the elderly.

Slide 14 is a list of references that were reviewed as a source of evidence to show the efficacy and need for intervention.

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