Posted: March 24th, 2023

Politics and Sports

Preliminary Conceptualization the Research Problem

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1. General Topic Manifestation of Racism in the United States’ Boxing  
2. Sub-Topic
  • The Boxing sport in the United States


3. Research Title The Approaches to Racism in American Boxing.  
4. Main Research Question How has racism changed over time in American boxing?


5. Secondary Research Question Is racism in boxing still a problem in our contemporary society?  
  Background/Justification Racism and racial segregation are a common phenomenon in many parts of the world. Although much has changed over time in the boxing realm, there is a possibility that racism still exists in America’s boxing. In fact, boxing in America in the 1950s onwards has been used as a political weapon to break the barrier of racism and the limitations the boxers have confronted. Understanding the topic of racism in boxing is key to eliminating the vices that exist in other sporting activities. Various questions that surround this sport activity have been raised including;

  • How the views of racism changed and why is boxing considered as a low class sport?
  • The origin of boxing and in which period or century does it start.
  • What it means to win in a boxing match and when do the rules start to emerge
  • Professional and amateur boxing
  • Slavery and black masculinity
  • Racism in America
  • Segregation of black and whites in America
  • The battle royal
  • Emerging black boxers in America
  • The search of the great white hope
  • How does boxing change racial views in America (which individuals and events in particular)
  • Boxing in today’s world and how media effects racial ideas


6. Sources Articles

Roberts, R. (1983). Galveston’s Jack Johnson: Flourishing in the Dark. The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, 87(1), 37-56. Retrieved from

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Rodwan, J. (2011). The Fighting Life: Boxing and Identity in Novels by Philip Roth and Norman Mailer. Philip Roth Studies, 7(1), 83-96. Retrieved from

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R. (2013). Jack Johnson, rebel sojourner: Boxing in the shadow of the global color line. Berkeley, CA: University of California Press











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