Posted: March 24th, 2023

Personal Statement for Radiation Oncology Residency Program Application

Clinical Knowledge and Clinical Sciences of Oncology

Developing and using clinical knowledge and clinical sciences of oncology in providing therapeutic ionizing radiation, and other forms of treatment is critical. I have developed the dream of becoming a radiation oncologist due to my interest in applying principles of radiation to treat different tumors. I believe I will save lives with knowledge.

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My parents have chronic conditions that have inspired me to pursue radiation oncology to help them and others to manage the illnesses and improve quality of life. My mother has hypertension, and my father has diabetes. I want to focus on learning about the conditions for their sake because they are poorly informed regarding self-care and disease management. The knowledge will help many other people with such and other chronic diseases. Besides my parents’ condition, I am motivated by a friend’s tongue cancer diagnosis by subsequent successful treatment through surgery and radiation.

I have decided to pursue an internal medicine residency program in Saudi Arabia because of the lack of a residency program in radiation oncology. I must pursue residency program in radiation oncology here in Canada. My interest in radiation oncology is informed by its multidisciplinary nature, including surgeons, medical and gynecological oncologists. As a radiation oncologist, I can prescribe and supervise therapeutic ionizing radiation.

I am committed to study and understand the etiology and progression of chronic conditions to help the affected to receive adequate treatment and management. My husband is currently a resident in Canada and has explained how exposure to First World medicine can strengthen my clinical experience. I desire to join a program that will improve my versatility as a physician. I am a self-motivated and reliable individual, and I believe that such a program will promote my clinical experience.

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