Posted: March 24th, 2023

Personal Statement

I wish to express my interest in joining a student fraternity at your prestigious school of nursing. I believe that my experience, skills, and most importantly passion, will help me excel in the field of nursing and bring great repute to your institution. I am a first generation in America since my mother relocated to the U.S. decades ago. Since her arrival, she has been practicing as a certified nursing assistant. Besides other opportunities available in my field, I find joining a nursing school more significant since it aligns with my future goals and objectives of becoming a neonatal nurse or a CRNA and assist patients in this critical field.

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First, I will briefly describe the process through which I developed a passion for nursing. For some time during my high school years and immediately after graduation, I went through what I now realize is a period of confusion and not knowing what I wanted to do. Inevitably, my grades deteriorated, and the more they did, the further I sank into feelings of disconnectedness and being lost. However, the lack of a sense of direction later led to a fulfilling career, and I was convinced that I was destined to help patients.

Coming from an African American background, I anticipated becoming a doctor or an engineer, which are important careers and symbols of success in the community. However, upon graduating from high school, circumstances drove me into the nursing career, though I had not consciously chosen this path. One day while listening to a sermon during a church service, I heard a distinct voice instructing me to apply for a nursing course. I was hesitant at first, but while praying about it a few days later, I heard the same distinct voice again, now more apparent than the last time. The feeling was still urging me to apply to a nursing school. As much as this was not my first choice of career, I was convinced that God could not lead me astray and relented. Immediately, I experienced an overwhelming feeling of having made the best decision in my life of becoming a nurse.

Since that moment of clarity, my life goals have become more apparent to me, and my sense of direction is now clear. I desire to become a neonatal nurse or a CRNA. I possess critical skills that are well suited for a career in nursing. I am an effective communicator and problem solver. I believe these skills are particularly pertinent within the care settings where recognizing and resolving complex problems and presenting accurate information can be a matter of life and death.

I also have a desire for advocacy, which is crucial in my nursing career. I understand that advocacy is one of the primary roles of a nurse who should advocate for his or her patients to receive the best care for better health outcomes. My mental stability is also optimal, and I have developed high endurance levels. Owing to the challenges of my upbringing, I can persist through challenging situations without giving up. I am sure that this capability will enhance my work as a nurse as I strive to provide the best to my patients even in the face of insurmountable odds. My determination to undertake my responsibilities to perfection has also enhanced endurance skills.

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Currently, I am working at Comfort Keepers as a caregiver, a position that has allowed me to explore my passion for helping people. Besides, I have volunteered for a special needs camp, Mnasr, which proved to be among the most fulfilling jobs. In this area, I supported vulnerable individuals by showing them love and encouraging them to enjoy life despite their situation.

I have acquired practical skills through working experience while personal research into the field has made me aware of both the rewarding factors and challenging aspects of working as a nurse. I am aware of the profound emotional distress associated with witnessing people in great suffering, the long working hours, and challenges of working night shifts. I have considered all these factors and none have deterred me from the passion of helping people thrive through nursing. It is my sincere hope that my application will be successful as I am highly enthusiastic towards my calling. I will commit myself to bring honor to the school and dedicate my efforts to the field of nursing.

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