Posted: March 24th, 2023

Peer Feedback Case C

Central Argument

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Reading through the case study
Researching more on the information
Picking on the important facts
Deciding on the key argument
Collating information around the argument


Main Idea 1

The question was the guide
Team dynamics dynamics in case
Required adequate understanding on case
More research from outside sources
Collating case and research information


Main Idea 2

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Defining the key term, teamwork
Reading more on teamwork concept
Looking for teamwork in organization
Drafting the ideas on paper
Writing the final detailed section


Main Idea 3

Searching for effective leadership definition
Researching on ineffective leadership meaning
Comparing the two organizational concepts
Looking for characteristics in case
Writing down the final information


Main Idea 4

Developing understanding of leadership role
Researching on the leadership role
Investigating leadership in the case
Looking into strengths and weaknesses
Writing the findings on topic




Concluding Thoughts

Reading through the work done
Pointing out the important points
Comparing to research on topic
Summing up the main ideas
Writing down the concluding section




There is a clear articulation of a writer’s ideas. From the beginning of the argument, the writer shows a well-laid out plan for the concepts. From what I have done, I concur with the writer that the discussion takes a process from the start to the end. The writer’s work has a main argument that is clearly stated. As I wrote my discussion, I realized that from the main argument, it is possible to investigate the other main ideas. It is evident that the key concept relates to team dynamics from which it becomes possible to develop the whole paper. The writing shows evidence of an understanding of metacognition, indicating that the writer is knowledgeable about the whole course of writing. Among the most evident ideas in the work is the importance of defining the key concepts before commencing on further discussions.

Besides the definitions of the notions, the writer shows knowledge of research. There is no process of writing that can be done successfully without sourcing ideas from different authors. At the same time, there is evidence of comprehension of the case being studied. Comparing the case to the ideas from outside sources played a major part in successful writing. The process of metacognition effectively indicates the structure of the entire paper. Just like my work, the writer lays out a defined picture of how the work should be structured. It is evident that the work was set in a number of sections, each with a different main idea. The work provided an opportunity to think about the way the initial paper was constructed.

It is not always that the writer takes time to think about what he/she had written. From the student’s work and what I have presented, we took a while to contemplate about the presentation. The writer has indicated the steps and efforts that went into writing the initial work. The presentation by my classmate is impressive, although there is no 5X5 table as required in the instructions. However, there is a great deal of efforts that are evident in the work. From the analysis, is it possible to tell the thinking patterns that went into this presentation. In fact, it is evident that each person takes time to write down ideas that are useful and to come up with convincing facts.



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