Posted: March 24th, 2023

Organizational Development

Organizational development is the utilization of resources to enhance workplace productivity and efficiency. The process capitalizes on the role of a motivated workforce to create value, improve customer service, plan, and manage organizational growth (Cummings & Worley, 2014). For instance, contemporary health care organizations providing long-term care to patients are dynamic due to the changing and increasing needs of patients. However, firms cannot transform, grow, or improve without a proper plan. Therefore, managers should understand the organizational development concept to understand the need for, the effect of, and the direction of the growth. By understanding patients’ complex issues, a long-term care facility may determine the kind of health information system to implement. Hence, organizational development informs all changes in health care facilities.

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Organizational development relates to change management in healthcare organizations because it affects decision-making. The role of organizational development extends to the way healthcare facilities make decisions to solve problems. It involves an analysis of a change process to ensure efficiency in its operations. One of the areas where organizational development affects change is identifying the areas that require a change to justify the use of time and resources to implement the reform (Anderson, 2016). For example, when a healthcare organization plans to acquire a new health information system, the firm uses an organizational development model to determine the actual need for the change. Such an approach helps the management to justify the capital investment required. The concept assists decision-makers in establishing the impact of change to health care providers and in the workplace.

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