Posted: March 24th, 2023

Medical School

Why I Want to Medical School

The primary reason for choosing a medical school is to reduce the increased racial discrimination for people of color. Over the years, I have experienced scenarios that reveal the in-depth rot of medical racism. Therefore, I would love to ensure that more people of color receive medical attention from doctors of color. For this reason, racially disadvantaged people will improve their health and life. My contribution to medicine stems from being a healthcare team leader and providing intervention to people from different races.

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I have always been a selfless person who dedicates most of my free time to make the world a better place for those around me. Thus, my motivation centers on volunteering in medical camps and hospital environments and offer help to disadvantaged people. I am a biomedical researcher in the chemistry department. As a result, I engage daily with scientific projects which will contribute to my success in medical school. Moreover, I am motivated by science and want to further my career in medicine. For this reason, I will assist people from all walks of life. I possess an array of personal functional characteristics and can create a stimulating environment for medical intervention. I am creative and can look for new ways to solve social problems. I am determined to address a wide range of issues that can confront me in my career as a doctor. Similarly, I possess high-quality team abilities. Therefore, I will attain the best educational outcomes, maximize my strengths, and improve the desire to provide quality healthcare for patients of color.

In the past, I joined some clubs which helped me grow in my science profession. I was a volunteer in Science Olympiad and International Festival. Also, I was a member of Biology and Math Clubs, Oman Students Association, and American Medical Student Association. These clubs contributed to my desire to serve as a medical doctor. Although I am an organic chemistry teaching assistant, I execute my duties diligently. From this background, I plan to join medical school and hopefully graduate as a doctor. Therefore, this will help me carry out duties such as treating patients from vulnerable communities.  I believe the career will be fulfilling and ensure that patients of color receive quality healthcare without discrimination.

One of my primary motivations for joining the medical school is anchored on the understanding that I am well aware of the importance of medicine and its significant role in humans’ lives. Health care is a human right, and thus, no individual should suffer medical racism. In this case, my desire to be a doctor surfaced when working as a research assistant in chemistry. I have fallen sick and witnessed other patients of color experiencing medical racism where no one wants to attend. After a series of such racial discrimination that occurs in subtle ways, I decided to become a doctor and pursue medicine to eliminate or reduce medical racism by attending to sick people and alleviate their suffering; where possible, I would also cure myself.

Despite my motivation to be a doctor, I lived in the rural areas of this country, and there were hospitals where doctors could show hesitation to attend to people of color. I believe that medicine is an exciting area in the present day that is changing. However, the broad spectrum of opportunities it provides for career choice comes with the selflessness of restoring life to patients of color.

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