Posted: March 24th, 2023

Leadership Profile

Gallup’s Strengths Finder

After completing the Gallup’s StrengthsFinder assessment, I realized that I have the abilities and skills necessary to be an effective leader in real-life settings. The findings offered critical information concerning some aspects that I can do naturally as a leader. For instance, developing my talents to become strengths and using the results to maximize my leadership potential.

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From the assessment, I discovered five themes that reflected my strengths as a leader, including futuristic, relator, intellection, learner, responsibility. These are the themes that I will reflect on to understand my abilities and ways to improve my leadership traits. The “futuristic” theme shows that I am a future-oriented leader, inspired by the aspect of “what could be” and that I can lead others with a vision. As a “relator,” I enjoy working with others and finding fulfillment in teamwork (Sethuraman & Suresh, 2014). Being talented is based on the “intellection” theme. I am easily intellectually stimulated; hence, I engage in introspective and innovative discussions. As a “learner,” I am motivated by ongoing learning and professional development. Finally, being talented in the “responsibility” theme shows that I am an accountable leader (Gallup, 2006). I focus on honesty and loyalty when working with others.

However, I should develop and improve some of my values, strengths, and characteristics to become a better leader in the future. The two key values that I should improve include respect for differences and humility. For example, I have realized the need to become humble and respect diversity to enhance the relational theme. I should also improve my strengths, such as creating visions and influencing people to follow them (Pardey, 2016). Finally, I should strengthen personal characteristics, such as communication and confidence, to improve working relationships. The ability to communicate confidently will improve my level of influence.

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