Posted: March 24th, 2023

Lamenting the Lost Puppy

The aspect of loving a pet can truly lead to unconditional and strong relationship making the pet a part of human life. Over the past five years, I had developed a strong relationship with a puppy, which my family kept as a pet. The pet was highly treated as a member of our family, a situation that allowed the puppy to eat, sleep, and play with us. Indeed, we had a significant respect to the pet, which in return assisted us in the surveillance around our home. The puppy was always with us, and I never thought of a situation without its presence.

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It is now some months since the puppy got lost and the efforts to look for it have proved futile. After a search for several weeks, it was clear that the chances of getting the pet were becoming slim. In fact, when it became apparent that the dog was lost, I developed grief and had no hopes of reuniting with our puppy. In fact, the grief had escalated to the extent of seeking psychological support from friends and professionals. Every time I think about a puppy, I usually contemplate the possibility that it might be suffering in other people’s hands, who do not understand its needs. In fact, I would think that the puppy might be dead and decomposing in nearby bushes.

Indeed, the strong feeling and grief about the lost puppy have prevailed for months now. Apparently, became apparent to me that the loss was not easy to bear. At first, I informed my friends about my despair, but some of them would not assist in overcoming the challenge. Some of the friends had not had such a strong relationship with a pet; hence, could not understand my feelings. One of my friends was quite irritating; he said that I should not worry about the puppy because it was just an old dog. However, to come to terms with the loss, I had to seek the assistance on how to deal with the pain from professionals. Although I am recovering with time, the memories of the lost puppy cannot fade away, and every day I consider the loss worth lamentation.

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