Posted: March 24th, 2023

Job Recruiters and Talented Employees

As competition increases in various businesses, leaders target and hire talented employees from rival companies. Human resources managers employ varied measures to retain and attract worker within an organization. However, regardless of the steps an organization takes to keep its employees, a high staff turnover is always expected. Although many employers have policies for better remunerations to control turnover, employees still exit organizations due to limited focus and support on their projected deliverables in their job setups. 

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When employees understand what is expected of them, they exhibit commitment towards a company. Pousa and Mathieu (2015) aver that irrespective of how difficult an assignment is, employees will always attempt to manage their work within reasonable timelines. Workers build commitment when they understand and focus on specific objectives. Therefore, satisfaction is achieved when employees meet goals and embark on challenging assignments.

Quality supervision plays a critical role in an organization. Employees with effective supervisors tend to stay longer in a company than workers with inadequate management (Pousa and Mathieu, 2015). Supervision systems help share feedback for previous assignments, clarify company expectations, and enable employees to manage tasks effectively. Hence, employees feel secure with their assignments since they can verify every operational step before proceeding to more complex stages.

Furthermore, talented employees are keen when working on organizational goals. Therefore, ensuring that they understand an organization’s objectives while verifying work processes through discussions and dialogues can maintain them in a company. As a result, close supervision has significant advantages, including mentorship, which might encourage workers to remain focused and hence, reduce turnover.


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Pousa, C., & Mathieu, A. (2015). Is managerial coaching a source of competitive advantage? Promoting employee self-regulation through coaching. An International Journal of Theory, Research and Practice, 8(1), 20-35.


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