Posted: March 24th, 2023

Indian Students at MCC

Cultural diversity is common in most universities and colleges in the United States. Students come from different parts of the world as international students to acquire knowledge through the US education system. Indians and Chinese are the most common international students in most colleges. MCC has students of Indian origin. These students display cultural diversity in the college. They interact with the others in the college as they undergo the education process. This paper looks at the Indian students in MCC, the assets they bring to the college, their impact on the student’s worldview, and how the MCC can meet the needs of these students.

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The Indian students at MCC contribute to the general welfare of the community. Firstly, it is evident that a school is not considered a school if there are no students. With the Indian students taking up courses in this college, they contribute to expanding the student community. Additionally, international students pay more college fees than indigenous students do. Due to this, they help in the maintenance of the college. Sports is an important activity in any learning institution. This is because it helps students to engage in activities that are not book-oriented and, at the same time, contribute to the general development of the student community. The Indian students at MCC have proved to be important assets in the sports sector. Through their engagement in sporting activities, they help to boost the school’s name in sports. Some students are very talented. As colleges interact with each other in sporting activities, the Indian students in MCC represent the school adamantly in sporting activities. This has helped to boost the college’s reputation. Finally, the Indian students who are excellent performers have often become good ambassadors of the College. Through their good performance and academic qualifications at the end of their college years, they have helped build the college’s name, thus contributing to the increase in the number of students. Students would want to attend the best colleges. With the good performance of the Indian students, more students get attracted to the institution.

Indian students come from a society whose cultural orientation is completely different from the American one. Due to this aspect, they carry themselves according to their cultures and religion. Due to cultural differences, they have enabled American students to embrace them for who they are. In doing this, American students now understand the cultural differences that exist in the world. They now know that people from different countries and continents practice different beliefs. Additionally, the presence of Indian students in MCC has helped to boost the morale of other students in education. Since they hail from distant places, the other students now understand the importance of education due to the efforts made by these students. With the presence of Indian students in MCC, other students have been able to learn different things from them. For instance, the Buddhist religion has been embraced by this community. The other students now understand that although their worship methods differ, they all believe in the supreme creator. This has had a great impact on the student’s worldview of religion.

The presence of Indian students has influenced the student’s worldview on language. Most Indian students are not conversant with the English language. Due to this, the other students in the college have been able to understand that different people speak different languages depending on their cultural orientation. However, they have also understood that this should not discriminate among the students. They understand that education is important in every country, and thus they help their Indian counterparts to get the best from this college.

There are several ways through which the community can help to meet the learning needs of Indian students. It is evident that most students attend college with a dream of success after college. However, there are many barriers to the performance of Indian students. Language plays a major role in education. By ensuring that students are conversant with the English language, the college will help them understand what they are taught in class. Additionally, the community can help by increasing their interaction with the new students. In doing this, the students will feel welcome, and this will positively reflect on their academic affairs. It is also important to allow the students to practice their culture freely without scrutiny. If the other students respect the Indian culture, then the students will feel accepted in the American community, and thus, they will enjoy their learning experience. Finally, the community needs to support Indian students whenever they face problems. The other students should be friendly and help them manage college life.

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Indian students have often moved to the United States to pursue their educational goals. They contribute significantly to the colleges they attend, especially in education and sporting activities. Their interaction with American students has revolutionized their worldview of life, especially due to the varying cultures. The college community can help students achieve their dreams by supporting them and making them feel comfortable in the new environment.


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