Posted: March 24th, 2023

Importance of Identifying Signs of Conflict

Importance of Identifying Signs of Conflict and how to Manage them

In the course of my work, I have noted major conflicts emerging from racial, social, gender, and other demographic differences. Leaders have a responsibility to prevent or address the conflicts to avoid adverse effects on individuals and the organization. I would like you to address the issue regarding Sunny’s actions during my presentation. As a leader, I count on you to recognize the conflict, including workplace bullying, to prevent the escalation of the conflict (PACERS Civility Toolkit, 2015). It is difficult to work and make my presentations in a hostile environment caused by Sunny’s reactions to my presentations.

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It is essential to create a work environment that respects diversity. Although we have different backgrounds, we should work together to improve the quality of care provided to our patients. Regardless of the gender, racial, religious, sexual orientation, and generational differences, we can all contribute to the positive performance of the organization and the wellbeing of our patients. It would be better if you investigate the source of the conflict to address it. Understanding the cause is critical to implement effective interventions and prevent escalation or similar issues in the future (Ellis, 2018). As a leader, you should understand and manage the conflict to avoid negative outcomes such as stress among the affected.

The current situation is a form of bullying perpetrated by a nurse leader towards a nurse staff. Bullying remains a serious problem in healthcare directed towards subordinates due to various cultural and demographic differences. The leader can be a bully and affect the working environment (Ryan, 2016). In the situation, the nurse manager, Sunny, is the bully who is affecting the way I work.

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