Posted: March 24th, 2023

How to Write a Scholarship Application Letter

To Whom It May Concern:

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RE: Application for a scholarship

With a high degree of esteem, I render my formal application and intent for a scholarship to assist me further my education at your institution.

Being a youth commissioner is significant to me. I have gained personal qualities that enable me to be an outstanding leader. For instance, I have received respect from my fellow students; I have led by example through role modeling, being enthusiastic in life, and being a good communicator. In addition, I work well with others and take responsibility whenever it is necessary.

As a youth commissioner, I aim to ensure units operate efficiently to deliver an effective program to the ever-growing membership. In fact, this will develop strength within the unit and ensure that the members are exposed to opportunities in the country. The unit will arm the members with good character traits, practice personal fitness and adopt good citizenship skills.

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In essence, the scholarship will assist me in being a holistic commissioner who will execute the unit’s service plan successfully. The things I aim to achieve through the scholarship will translate to the service’s success. Firstly, I will ensure that the unit has competent and strong leadership. Secondly, I will encourage and promote regular meetings in the unit committees. Thirdly, the scholarship will assist me in encouraging growth in the membership and ensure the involvement of units and scouts in all activities. Fourthly, I will foster a good relationship between the members and the organization. Finally, I will ensure that the unit program is understood and administered to the organization and its members.

Similarly, I will find youth suggestions on implementing the essential Federal policies and make sure those opinions reach the movement’s governing body. Furthermore, I will professionally advise the General Secretary when implementing youth policies and strategic plans in relation to the youth movements. Finally, I will submit professional reports to the statutory bodies and the General assembly.

As a youth commissioner, I have interacted with and met thousands of youths worldwide. I understand the youth’s issues and offer advice about drug abuse, sexuality, educational mentorship, and entrepreneurship. For personal gain, I have a conventional commitment to serve the youths by advocating and executing policies to assist youths. Correspondingly, the exertion moments I encountered while serving the youths have strengthened my character to develop endurance and persistence in hard circumstances. Moreover, I am one of the central initiators of the National Youth Chamber (NYC), which study and advocate the rights of minorities.

Chiefly, the scholarship platform is an implausible opening for me since it will help me gain professional skills in youth affairs. As a youth commissioner, the scholarship will equip me with the skills to provide professional counseling in the International Federation for youth-related matters. Secondly, I will professionally assess the policies executed by governing bodies. Moreover, I will perform professional reviews, make suggestions, and promote and assess such policies.

Therefore, as a scholar, the scholarship is a period of success in my career. Similarly, this scholarship will offer me the best chance to concentrate on my studies. I appreciate your time as you evaluate this application. I look forward to your consideration and a personal interview.


Yours Sincerely,




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