Posted: March 24th, 2023

How to Make a Long-Lasting Relationship

A voluntary reciprocal agreement binds friends. Friendships are differentiated by their basis ranging from virtues to morals. In fact, friends can relate from the pleasure they derive from each other. Although friendship takes several forms, friends should be trustworthy, practically helpful, and encourage personal growth to the persons they relate to. Good friends are trustworthy and supportive and nurture their friendship, a situation that makes a lasting relationship. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to present the fundamental aspects of becoming good friends, which result in a long-lasting relationship.

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First, an individual has to understand what is meant by being trustworthy. Trust revolves around keeping promises, honesty, loyalty, and respect. It is always good to avoid making promises that one cannot deliver. In the case of a failure to keep the promise, it is always advisable to explain the underlying reasons. In a healthy relationship, it is advisable to apply honesty as the primary tool, especially during daily interactions. Indeed, when discussing an action that a friend did, honesty plays a big part in correcting their mistakes or applauding their deeds. It is not advisable to disclose private issues that your partners have entrusted you. Respect is portrayed by being open, mutually supportive, and confident when discussing their issues. It is also good to respect other people choices, opinions, beliefs, and values.

The second step towards becoming a good friend is the ability to be supportive. To qualify as a supportive friend, an individual should be selfless and a good listener. A supportive partner should also help their friends deal with their struggles and crisis. In addition, friends should offer thoughtful advice and give their friends space they require. Selflessness in friendship plays a vital role in accommodating the wishes of your friends as long as no one is taking advantage of the other. It is also advisable to listen to the opinions of others and avoid monopolizing conversations. Notably, friends should know when their partners are facing challenges and, at the same time, prepare to offer support. In fact, before offering advice, friends must weigh the condition, a situation that allows them to give a sound advice.

The final aspect of being a good friend is the ability to nurture a culture of lasting relationships. For a continued friendship, each one should be able to forgive and accept friends for who they are. In addition, friends should keep in touch and appreciate the dynamic nature of friendship. For every friendship, some inadequacies exist. Hence, friends should be ready to forgive and apologize when the situation arises. In fact, people are diverse, and their perspective should be respected. It is always advisable to let diversity bring experience. Consequently, change is inevitable, and friends should appreciate that relationships are flexible and are bound to change as people mature and venture into different areas. Hence, this should not limit them from communicating or undertaking interests that have consistently linked them.

As evident from the above analysis, it is clear that some basic fundamental aspects govern the requirements of becoming good friends. Notably, nurturing a culture of keeping friends guarantees lifetime friendships. Essentially, it is important to trust, support and identify the best ways of keeping and nurturing friendships.

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