Posted: March 24th, 2023

Home Injury Evaluation


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The initiative of fixing the identified hazards should be the responsibility of everyone in the family. The environment is expected to be safe, but there are some common injury hazards that residents should take into consideration. Therefore, to mitigate the injuries, it is imperative to identify potential hazards, reveal the most at-risk group, and discuss how to eliminate them to keep our environment safe.

Fire hazards

Individuals and pets are at risk of injury when there is a fire accident. In this case, the potential hazards to health are burns. The most common protective factor for the hazard is the installation of fire alarms to alert and warn in case a fire breaks out (Holtzman, 2009). Everyone should be careful when using fire and ensure that all appliances and outlets are in proper working condition.


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The most at-risk individuals are the elderly and children, especially toddlers. The potential hazard to health may include spinal and head injuries, dislocations, or breaking of bones, especially when one experiences an abrupt fall. Therefore, the protective factors may include providing support for toddlers and the elderly when moving around the house (Keall et al., 2015). The hazard can further be eliminated by avoiding installing slippery floors in the rooms used by these individuals. Staircases should have handrails and adequate lighting while secure rags in the bathrooms should be used to cover the surface.

Sharp Objects

The objects are critical in the house but can accidentally injure any individual using them. The potential hazards to health include cuts and scratches. Therefore, protective factors relating to this threat include using the sharp items safely and keeping them away from the children (Holtzman, 2009). More importantly, those objects can be locked away whenever they are not in use.

Chemicals and Detergents

The hazard is most likely to cause harm to small children who can accidentally consume them. Hence, the most effective protective factor is to ensure that these substances are kept out of the reach of young children (Holtzman, 2009). They should also be kept in safely closed containers and properly labeled for those who can read.


Children are at the risk of falling through the window or getting injured by window cords. The latter fitted on blinds or curtains could be a strangling hazard, especially if the children can reach them (Holtzman, 2009). Parents should avoid placing anything close to a risky window that children can use to reach it such as baby cots. As much as possible, guardians should prevent dangling cords when fitting windows.

Choking Hazards

Choking can affect anyone in the house, but it is a greater hazard to children. The accident occurs when food obstructs the windpipe or when toddlers accidentally swallow small playing items. In this case, small toys and hard foods pose the greatest danger (Brandenburg, 2000). Feeding should always be supervised to prevent such accidents. Parents and caregivers should ensure that toys do not have breakable parts, they are not small enough to swallow, and they are stored safely when not in use.


Health hazards at home are common, a situation that necessitates safety initiatives for all the residents. Children and the elderly are at the greatest risk around the house; therefore, they should always be supervised and assisted. Hence, necessary preventive factors need be adopted around the house to increase safety in every identifiable risky situation.


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