Posted: March 24th, 2023

Health Care Policy Recommendation

The cost of health care in the United States remains a critical issue necessitating immediate response. Major efforts have been put in place, including the government subsidies and provision of health insurance. However, it is worth noting that those initiatives have not been effective in addressing the problem. Some policies, such as universal insurance coverage, have only worked to reduce the cost to the consumer, but end up hurting quality and safety of care as more consumers come in contact with the system (Folland, Goodman, & Stano, 2016). The solution to the problem lies in the ability to innovate and adopt health information system.
Implementation of telemedicine and encouraging utilization of wireless devices in maintaining health will allow for cost cutting without compromising the quality and safety of care for the consumers. The problem in the modern health care system is that the sector’s operations are still founded on outdated systems (Kellermann & Jones, 2013). Payment for the doctors only occurs when they attend the patient in a physical setting, a situation that raises the cost of care. The problem can be addressed by taking advantage of the telephone and internet to make consultations and to enhance preventive health services.
A policy that is founded on application of technological devices for monitoring vital signs and alerting the patient and the providers will go a long way in improving the quality of care at a lower cost (Stabile et al., 2013). Also, engaging the patients in their care will lessen the burden for the service providers and health care services. A good example would be the use of technology in monitoring blood sugar levels instead of visiting a health care center to get the services (Sheikh, Sood, & Bates, 2015). Hence, community health care services should be managed under new policies that take advantage of new technologies.

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