Posted: March 24th, 2023

Health Care

Currently, I have been having health issues. However, I like my body since am not overweight, and despite the illness, my body is still responding well to therapy and medication. I am pleased that am not allergic to the medicines prescribed by the doctor. Nevertheless, I do not appreciate several things, including the pain in my shoulder as result of the removed tumor. Therefore, I must continue taking painkillers to relieve the pain. In addition, I am not able to use my right hand and am forced to use my left hand, which has proven to be a challenge. I would change my lifestyle to avoid having another tumor and improve my current situation.

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The pain on my shoulder makes me quite uncomfortable and unhappy. I believe that through exercising, I would avoid getting another tumor. In addition, I would like to change my lifestyle to lead a healthy life and to achieve that status; I must incorporate a healthy diet, exercise severally, and follow the doctor’s advice and prescriptions.

Indeed, to lead a healthy life am willing to change my current routine. I am motivated by the fact that I can adopt a better lifestyle if I change my routine and embrace a healthy one. Additionally, my family also motivates me since I know they would be happy to see me healthy again and spend more time with them.

The experience I had previously with my personal health behavior did not work for me despite leading a healthy lifestyle. I had maintained my weight and did not have any instance that I was overweight. Although I developed a tumor on my shoulder, I have reflected on my personal health behavior, and I have decided to follow my doctor’s advice and continue doing exercise, especially swimming, which is working out well for me.

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