Posted: March 24th, 2023

Harold’s Fallacy

Harold’s Fallacy

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In fact, claiming that Dr. Russell’s surgical procedure is not as effective as Harold’s approach shows that he is arguing on the Ad hominem logical fallacy. The Ad hominem fallacy reigns on attacking a person’s character instead of his opinion and arguments (Bennett, 2015). Notably, Harold does not weigh or evaluate the merits associated with Dr. Russell’s medical procedure, but he refutes this process on claims of academic attainment.

Responding to Harold’s Fallacy

It is true that Dr. Russell is using his medical qualifications to push for this procedure. However, campaigning for its elimination means that knee ligament surgical procedures will continue to be painful as medical innovations are being refuted by doctors based on baseless claims of professional academic attainment.

Harold’s argument has been responded to the straw man fallacy approach. Essentially, the straw man fallacy oversimplifies an opponent’s shallow viewpoint of character instead of opinion or idea and upholds the importance of the refuted impression as it has some positive impacts associated with it (Dowden, 2016). Before pronouncing any clinical experiment as medically fit for treatment procedures, a lengthy process of evaluating and analyzing it ensues to determine its negative and positive impacts on the patients. For that reason, it is illogical for Harold to refute Dr. Russell’s idea as his argument lacks a proper analysis, interpretation, inference, and evaluation of well-expounded evidence. Hence, his refutation is oversimplified as it presents irrelevance, close-mindedness, and accountability, as expected in the medical field. Concisely, the inadequacy of effective argumentative approaches makes it impossible to refute Dr. Russell as Harold neither presents any similar evidence nor identifies any correctable errors in the experimental procedures before the provision of proper patient care of the affected people.

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