Posted: March 24th, 2023

Guidance and Coaching Competencies

Enrollment in institutions that prepare advanced practitioners has been on the rise while guidance and coaching in this area have become more crucial than ever. The growth has created the need for more advanced practice coaches and mentors. Hence, this type of role differs from Registered Nursing teaching, primarily based on aspects of transition (Kilpatrick, Lavoie-Tremblay, Ritchie & Lamothe, 2014). In advanced practice, students are coached to transition from a general role of a registered nurse to that of a specialist nurse, while in the RN, a student nurse transition from the role of a student to that of a registered nurse. The ability to apply both medical knowledge and practitioners’ skills in dealing with the problem is critically important for the advance nursing profession.

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Furthermore, sickness and wellness medicines are two distinct health care methods. The wellness process happens at the point of becoming familiar with the patients when no disease has occurred or detected. The wellness model integrates methods of healing, such as alternative approaches to healing, meditation, fitness, and other preventive and health-enhancing techniques (Kivela, Elo, Kyngas & Kaariainen, 2014). The wellness approach is especially different from the sickness field based on its expanded focus beyond the confines of illness and alleviation of symptoms. It also encompasses the holistic well-being of an individual and not just the area of illness (Jordan, Wolever, Lawson, Moore, 2015). Therefore, coaching practitioners in this area entail enhancing their knowledge in holistic medicine, preventive health, and context-based issues and challenges. On the other hand, coaching nurses in the sickness medicines focus on the procedure of diagnosis, prescription, and the healing process without concentrating on the preventive aspect.

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