Posted: March 24th, 2023

Foundations of Transpersonal Psychology

Transpersonal psychology focuses on peoples’ religiosity. The model explains domains of human spirituality and the non-religious perspectives of an individual (Friedman and Hartelius 23). According to Friedman and Hartelius, transpersonal psychology mainstreams the aspects of fundamental transformation of social and spiritual changes (23). The authors aver that traditional religious approaches, such as the Buddhist theory, beliefs, and practices, have eminent inclinations to applications of its foundations (25). However, significant connection of religion to the transpersonal psychology is based on the value of dogmatic approach other than its inquiry. Although several perspectives about transpersonal psychology focus on its significance in understanding human perception about religion, appreciating its major principles and applications can explain approaches to  religious beliefs and practices.

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Transpersonal psychology has experienced development over time. Various human meditation and personal transformation methods, such as psychodrama, yoga, and gestalt therapy, have utilized its foundations to achieve success (Friedman and Hartelius 29). Friedman and Hartelius illustrate that although the above programs focus on yielding transformational approaches, they are modeled towards achieving a connection between spiritual realism and human consciousness, which can be categorized as transpersonal psychology program (29). Therefore, the model provides a benchmark for brain activities to achieve various spiritual transformations.

Some traditions support the salvation-based beliefs of the modern religion based on transpersonal foundations. Such perspectives take the ascension of human consciousness to connect with the spiritual realism (Friedman and Hartelius 34). Significant development of the transpersonal psychology focuses on the experience beyond material benefits to achieve interdependence on spiritual consciousness, which is beyond human understanding and endeavors to fulfill the expectation of the spiritual world.


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