Posted: March 24th, 2023

Emotional Competence

I realize the importance of emotional competence in the effort to become an effective nurse. Following an evaluation of my level of competence, I am at the advanced beginner level with a marginally developed level of skills. Having been engaged in situations where I had to demonstrate emotional intelligence, such as collaborative nursing training, I have practiced the ability. However, I still have to continue learning and developing the skill. I am competent in parts of emotional intelligence because I understand personal emotions and those of others. Using the skill in practice is one of the ways of gaining experience and realizing the room for improvement (Collins & Cooper, 2014). For instance, I should challenge myself to improve and achieve the highest levels of competence. Therefore, I should develop a plan to move to the next levels of competence.

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The beginning step when developing emotional competence is to set goals. After developing the goals, the other stage is to identify opportunities not only to learn but also to practice. I will develop the skill through explicit learning approaches and ultimately through practice (Shanta & Gargiulo, 2014). One of the opportunities to learn is to work with people from diverse backgrounds, including cultural, gender, and age. Such an environment is important to learn how to regulate emotions when working with others. I believe that it is only through working with other professionals, including nurses, and serving the patients that I can move to the next stage of emotional competence. In essence, taking part in both learning and providing services will help me to operate with ease around other people and collaborate without conflicts, communicate easily with others, and become an effective leader.

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