Posted: March 24th, 2023

Effects of Polluted Indoor Air

Polluted Indoor Air

Indoor Air Quality is the atmosphere around and within buildings and structures, which relates to the health of the occupants. Identifying and controlling the source of pollution indoors, plays a significant role in reducing the risk of health issues (EPA, 2015). Workers in a particular manufacturing company have had several health issues due to polluted air.

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The workers who have been diagnosed with health complications work in a poorly ventilated building that is likely to have polluted air due to the nature of work and a high number of people. Poor ventilation and inconsistent heat and cold air may lead to spread of airborne diseases, thus spreading quickly amongst the workers (Abhishek, 2017).  Health effects of exposure to pollutants may show immediately, while others may take time. Some of these effects include eye, nose, and throat irritation, dizziness, headaches, and fatigue. These effects are short-term and can be treated. However, the best way to completely deal with the issue is to eliminate the pollutants once they have been identified (Pilmane, Moisejevs, & Marite, 2016). Long-term exposure to indoor pollution may lead to complications such as asthma and other respiratory complications.

After determining the cause of the problem, the nurse should advise the owner of the building to renovate it and install ventilation and reliable heating and cooling systems. Ventilation allows aeration, which takes away the polluted air, thus keeping the workers safe from pollutants (EPA 2015).

To prevent such cases of air pollution, which leads to health complications, the occupational nurse should advise the owner on how to improve the building aeration in order to reduce pollution, and hence eliminate infections (TERI 2015). Additionally, the nurse may liaise with the government to ensure that such buildings are made safe for people who operate from them. As a result, the initiative will lessen the government’s burden of taking care of the sick.


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