Posted: March 24th, 2023

Dubai Labour Accommodation

Table of Content

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  1. Name of the Project 3
  2. The project scope. 3
  3. A Paragraph About the Project 3
  4. Project Manager + project team.. 4
  5. Stakeholder Register/Power-Interest Matrix. 5
  6. Project Information. 3

6.1 Project Natural 7

  1. Approach. 8
  2. Project Objectives ……..………………………………………………………………………..9

8.1 Smart Objective. 10

  1. Work break down structure. 9
  2. Work package. 12

10.1 WBS +work packages+ WBS Coding System.. 13

  1. Requirement Traceability Matrix. 14
  2. Project Scope Statement 15
  3. Project Network…………………………………………………………………………….16
  4. Weight-Scoring Model………………………………………………………………………17
  5. Project Priority Matrix. 19
  6. Key Milestones. 19
  7. Project Schedule Network Diagram.. 20

17.1 Activity-On-Node (AON) + paths and Critical path + Slack. 21

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17.2 Activity-On-Arrow (AOA) 21

17.3 Gantt Chart 22

  1. The Triple Constraints. 22

18.1 Scope. 22

18.2 Time. 23

18.3 Cost 23

18.4 Budget Information. 24

  1. Responsibility Matrix. 24
  2. Communication Plan……………………………………………………………………….25


  1. Allocating Project Costs Using The Work Breakdown Structure. 27
  2. The Risk Breakdown Structure. 27
  3. Risk Assessment Form.. 28
  4. Resource Allocation Plan. 28
  5. Project Procurements Plan. 29
  6. Wrap-Up Closures Checklist 30

Work Cited. 32























  1. Name of the Project

Sustainable Dubai Labour Accommodation 2017

  1. The project Scope

The project relates to Dubai Labour accommodation in the region. The project is expected to provide the labourers in the region with sustainable and comfortable accommodations by integrating the technology. Technology for planning will be integrated in the planning and implementation of the project in a more sustainable and successful manner and reduce the excessive cost of the project. The project is one of a kind in the region and is aimed at providing a solution to the housing problem for the workers in Dubai. The housing units will be created in such a manner that they provide an affordable solution. They are also aimed at providing spacious green housing for the occupants, clearly indicated by the way they will be constructed. The team involved in the project has adequate understanding of the need for sustainable construction owing to the problems buildings are creating to the environment. Hence, going green is another important goal of the project to help the government in addressing the problem of climate change.

  1. A Paragraph About the Project

Uncontrolled ordinary accommodation project hurts common ranges, by putting overabundance weight on the region. With the increase in the population of Dubai, it becomes critical that the problem of housing and accommodations is addressed by providing better quality housing and in a sustainable manner. The effects of poor housing are neccesitating the project initiative aimed at providing a solution. Housing makes a huge contribution to the environment, and if well created it can add to ecological security and preservation of the environment. Construction can bring issues to light of ecological values through instructive projects and encounters. It can also fill in as a device to ensure regular territories and increment their monetary significance. Greening the environment is the basis for making accommodation for workers and visitors better in a region. The current project targets the workers in the region where modern construction should focus on seeking sustainable solutions to the current problems, which is the basis for the creation of the Sustainable Dubai Labour Accommodation project.

  1. Project Manager + Project Team

Any project is not done by a single person, especially if the project is a complex one. It necessitates the engagement of various individuals, all with defined roles (Burke 18). Also known as the project team, the group of individuals come in from diverse backgrounds to provide diverse functions to the project to ensure success. The team members have assigned duties that are different but contributing to the success of the whole project. The members of the team come together for the period of the time. Later, the team is disbanded once the project is completed and presented to the users. The team is always led by one individual, the project manager, who ensures that the project is moving in the right direction. It is necessary that each person understands his/her roles and responsibilities for successful completion of the project. Dubai Labour Accommodation 2017 will involve the management and project team to achieve successful completion. The team is made up of five individuals who will be managing different aspects of the project:

  1. Project manager/project management
  2. Production manager/production management
  • Marketing Manager
  1. Financial manager
  2. Solution Architect












Table of Contents

5.      Stakeholder Register/Power-Interest Matrix

The Power/Interest Grid is useful in the identification of the stakeholders involved in the project. The grid applies in the categorization of the stakeholders of the project in terms of the interest and power they have in the project. The importance of the stakeholders differs and there are those involvement can make or break the project because of their impact on the outcome. The tool also allows for the prioritization of the stakeholders. The project will involve the input of a number of stakeholders, both within and without the immediate scope of the project (Mir and Pinnington 203). The stakeholders will have different positions in the entire project especially in leading the project and working through it to achieve the desired outcome. Also, the stakeholders will have different impact on the project depending on their roles. The power the stakeholders will have on the project will also differ, with some having greater influence on the project than others.


S A Role Position Power Int.
Government Dubai     High High
Project Manager   Leading the project Project management High High
Employees   Implementing the project various positions Low High
Sponsor   Sponsorship of the project   High High
Nearby companies       Low Low


For successful completion of the project:

  1. The government and regulatory requirements should be met
  2. The manager should stay close and lead every aspect of the project
  • Communication and information should flow to the employees
  1. Information should always be provided to the sponsors
  2. The impact of the surrounding companies on the project should be well understood.
  3. Project Information

6.1 Project Natural

The nature of the project will be focused on offering sustainable and comfortable accommodation to the Dubai labour association. The problem of housing has led to the need for the development of greener and more sustainable housing for the labourers in the region. The land in which the project will be developed is well sourced, with the right soil and the water level, which is critical for achieving the necessary level of sustainability. During the planning phase, the general environment for developing the project is something that has been carefully selected. It is critical to address the problem of housing without causing any additional problem in terms of the danger to the environment. Where the environment is not taken into consideration, there is the danger of causing more damage or creating a project that cannot last long. In addition, the planning of the project is considered as its core advantage that can help the project planning to develop a successful project in the region. The planning phase is revealed to be the most important phase in determining the success of the project (Mir and Pinnington 203). Failure to have a good plan can create failure of the project or delayed completion.

6.2 Main Project Success Criteria

For the project to be successful, it is critical to define the actual criterion for success and to determine the actual factors that will inform the successful completion. Use of the criteria and taking advantage of the success factors is the surest way for the project team to ensure successful completion.  The Dubai labour accommodation will help the project to look over the areas of UAE policies and responsibilities even before the policies are initiated before announcing it in the presence of the public. The concerns and critiques are modified to improve the efficiency and sustainability of the project (Stephenson 724). The authorities are planning to initiate the project with all successful means appropriately to address the identified problem of housing in the region. With support of the relevant bodies, it is expected that the project will move in the right direction and complete successfully and within the schedule. The necessary authorities have provided them with the approval of the project to prevent any delays when dealing with regulatory issues. There will also be avoidance of conflicts with the various stakeholders, enhancing the potential for success. Another factor informing success is the availability of resources as a function of supportive sponsors. Without adequate resources, the project could be delayed or fail altogether. Hence, before initiating the project, the team has assured that it has acquired all the necessary resources to establish the project successfully.

  1. Approach

The authorities are coming in to ensure that the proposed project is not in conflict with the law. The team has approached all the relevant authorities and policy makers to approve the project and provide any other necessary support for effective commencement and successful completion. The authorities have pledged their support for the project from the beginning to the end, agreeing to be available any time they are called upon to address any emerging issue. They will also play a role in monitoring the progress of the project. Specifically, the authorities will monitor the project using the following approach:

  • To follow a clear approach to plan the project that includes, offering a sustainable means of accommodation. In this case, they will provide their guidance in terms of what it means to provide the people with sustainable housing. This is critical given the reality that they have the necessary knowledge on what exactly is needed to achieve this goal.
  • Keeping a track of the planning and designing of the project such that it commences without any hitches. They will provide the necessary information on what it takes to run such a complex project within time and using the available resources. The authorities have an idea of what it takes to engage in such projects successfully.
  • Calculating the total cost of the project before making the project public to ensure that it meets the budget. Budgeting for the project is necessary to ensure that the resources are adequate to complete it within the scheduled time. The team, led by the financial manager, should ensure that the sponsors have provided adequate funding for the project. With the funds, a budget will be drawn to ensure that the funds are allocated to the various areas of the project for successful completion.
  1. Project Objectives
Specific: The objective should be a clear statement of exactly what is to be achieved by the end.










It is critical that the objectives set for the project are smart, which means that they should be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-oriented (Rees-Caldwell and Pinnington 213).










Basically, it is critical for the objectives that are being pursued in development of a project to meet all these five criteria. If the project fails to meet the objectives, it will make no sense to invest in it.  The Dubai Labour accommodation is one kind of a project that will offer a sustainable, safe, and comfortable project to the Dubai labour division by offering them a place to live, the purpose behind this project is to integrate technology with the development of the project as it will help the project to achieve a successful completion, while on the other hand, the project will use all sources of technologies to design and initiate a success project. This

The specific objectives are:

  1. Establishing the Dubai Labour accommodation as one kind of a project that will offer a sustainable, safe, and comfortable project to the Dubai labour division
  2. Offering a comfortable place to live for the Dubai labour division
  • Integrating technology into the project to ensure successful completion within three years

8.1 Smart Objective

Specific:          Working specifically on the Dubai Labour accommodation

Measurable:     The progress will be measured along the period of the three years that the project will be in progress until it is completed.

Achievable:     The projected outcome of the project is achievable because the team is in place and so are the necessary resources and technology to work on the project to the end.

Realistic:         The Dubai Labour accommodation has been researched and found highly viable and practical based on the need for affordable accommodation for the Dubai labour division.

Time-oriented: It is expected that the project will be completed within the next three years.

  1. Work breakdown structure

A work breakdown structure is a key venture deliverable that arranges the cooperation into sensible areas of focus for the success of the project (Turner 29). The Project Management Body of Knowledge characterizes the work breakdown structure as a deliverable situated progressive disintegration of the work to be executed by the venture group. It is critical to have a breakdown of the various elements of the project to ensure that the necessary resources, including human resources, are allocated for successful completion. When budgeting for the project, the various areas of focus are the guiding principles because it is not possible to budget for the whole project. Allocating the resources to the various parts of the project becomes effective because they are smaller parts of the whole project and once they are completed, the whole project will be complete. The structure shows the different elements of the projects that will be carried out for a unified process.  The work is broken down into different pieces of manageability because managing parts of the whole is more effective than managing the whole altogether (Turner 29).























  1. Work package

A work package is a concept used in project management in reference to various tasks that are interrelated. In any project, there are various tasks that can be grouped together and managed as a package to make the work easier and more manageable. Given the fact that they appear like projects within the main project, the work packages can be viewed as sub-projects. The project is normally broken down into the sub-projects, and members of the team are assigned to work on them. At the same time, resources are allocated for their completion. In fact, they are the basis for the creation of the Work Breakdown Structure.

In venture administration, a work bundle is characterized as the exertion required to create a deliverable inside a venture. In fact, this exertion might be a solitary undertaking or it could be a few related errands. Many individuals think about a work bundle as a kind of “smaller than normal venture” inside a bigger venture. This is the work package that should be considered for effective completion of the whole (Rees-Caldwell and Pinnington 213). The deliverables are easier to complete if the venture is viewed as a collection of such as opposed to the focus on the entire venture at the same time.

10.1 WBS +Work Packages+ WBS Coding System




































  1. Requirement Traceability Matrix (RTM)

The Requirements Traceability Matrix is a critical document in the commencement of any project. It is basically a document connecting requirements throughout the project to ensure that everything that is necessary for the completion of the project is available. Acquisition of the resources necessary for the project is defined in the document to make sure that the project does not commence without acquiring everything that is considered necessary. Requirement documentation is necessary in ensuring that before the project is started, the various resources required for the successful completion of the project are available (Turner 29). Requirements traceability matrix provides the necessary information to trace all the obligatory requirements for the project. The matrix gives the necessary information on the name of the required item, the category in which it belongs, the source from where it will be obtained, and the current status. The matrix, thus, shows what has been done and the need for more work in ensuring that all the equipment and resources necessary for the project are made available. Defining the status of the requirement is also critical for easy monitoring of acquisition of the resources critical for the project to move on without any hitches.

  Name Category Source Status
1 Machines Machinery Mohamad Fare and bros. Received. Machines are operating
2 Technology Technology Mohamad Fare and bros. Completed. In planning and design process.
3 Concrete Raw materials Sultan and sons. Built and equipped for usage.
4 Hardware Raw materials Planning and design process Received. Ready for usage.


  1. Project Scope Statement

It is not possible to focus on a wide-ranging project because the time and resources for the completion of a project are always limited. Hence, it is always critical to ensure that the project that is being pursued can be completed within the time and resources available. This is the rationale behind the creation of the project scope statement. The statement is a critical tool in outlining the deliverables of the project and identifying the limitations, presumptions as well as the key success factors. A statement that is well written provides, clearly, the boundaries of the project and the deliverables. The scope of the project is the Dubai Labour accommodation in the city Dubai. The project will be focused on labourers in Dubai to offer sustainable and comfortable accommodations. The project is also targeted into making the accommodations highly cost effective for the target population through the use of technology. When complete, the housing units will be used to accommodate the workers within the Dubai labour division, together with their families.











  1. Project Network

The project network is basically a weighted directed graph which is a depiction of the series of the terminals of a project. The terminals are normally moving in sequence from the beginning of the project to the end. Hence, the graph should indicate this sequence as well as the dependencies. The graph moves from the left towards the right because the project is anticipated to be moving in a sequence. With the graph, it is possible to tell the beginning of the project to the anticipated end. The graph says a lot about the progress of the project, and in case of a hitch, it becomes possible to understand where exactly things did not move as anticipated.

The venture system is a diagram (weighted coordinated chart) portraying the succession in which a venture’s terminal components are to be finished by indicating terminal components and their conditions (Turner 56). The diagram is also useful in showing the association between the different nodes that make up the project. Extend conditions can likewise be delineated by a forerunner table. The project is considered as a network of interrelated components. It is possible, from viewing the diagram, to understand the expected movement and the relationship between the different components of the project.

14.  Weight-Scoring Model

Project management involves a great deal of decision making, especially in terms of the tasks and resources to give the priority for successful completion of the project. Hence, it is necessary to have in place the tools that can help the project team to make the necessary decisions. One such tool is the weight scoring model. The weighted scoring model is basically the tool for providing the methodical processes to select projects on the basis of various criteria. Whenever there is a problem, there are always many possible solutions, normally in the form of projects. Also, the projects are always competing for the available resources, indicating the need for a tool to prioritise them and invest in the most viable project. The choice is based on the one option that is the best fit depending on the criteria being applied. The choice of the criteria should be one that provides the most effective project to invest in. The projects are decided in terms of competencies, strategic fit, urgency, and customer loyalty among others categories. The final selection is the one viewed as having the potential to provide the best results within the time and resources allocated to the project.












competencies Strategic Fit Urgency 25% of sales Reduce defects customer loyalty ROI Total
2.0 3.0 2.0 2.5 1.0 1.0 3.0  
Project 1 2 5 7 4 6 9 3 67
Project 2 1 7 3 2 3 0 4 40
Project 3 8 8 10 0 7 2 10 99
Project 4 4 10 1 7 0 6 8 87.5
Project 5 2 1 8 9 8 10 1 66.5
Project 6 7 4 0 3 0 4 1 40.5
Project n 4 6 9 1 0 7 10 83.5



15.  Project Priority Matrix

The project priority matrix is a tool critical for prioritizing the different tasks within the project because time is never adequate to complete all the tasks together. In the event that the project involves a number of items or tasks, it is always necessary to establish the ones that should be performed first or the ones that should be allocated the available resources first. The prioritization matrix identifies the tasks based on their relative significance to the completion of the project. The tool offers the tasks with numeral values to consider in terms of determining their priority and arranging them as such. Use of the matrix allows for the choice of the tasks to perform first, due to the reality that they have a higher priority than others. It also shows a high level of intelligence in the choice of the order in which to complete tasks. High-value activities should be evaluated in terms of time, scope and cost.


  Time Performance Cost
Constrain   *  
Accept *    
Enhance     *


  1. Key Milestones

Projects involve attainment of various milestones which must all be met for the project to be considered complete. It is critical to have adequate understanding of all the milestones to work towards achieving them and to realise once they are achieved. The Dubai Labour Accommodation project will be designed and constructed on a wide land. Hence, it is critical to decide on the process that will be involved in preparing for the project. It is also critical to establish the milestones that have to be met in the achievement of the goals of the project. Even during the planning of the project, achievement of the various milestones is critical for the ultimate success in the whole project. The project will follow the key milestones as listed down to avoid any chance of error:

Milestone Description Date
I Looking for a sustainable wide property to establish the project 10/2017


II Designing the project with the help of project designers 12/2017
III Planning the project with the support of the official authorities 2/2018
IV arranging the details of the suppliers and sources of materials 4/2018
V Collecting the cost and calculate it accordingly 8/2018
VI Review of the project 10/2018
VII commencing the working of the project 12/2018

17.  Project Schedule Network Diagram

The project schedule diagram is the graphical presentation of schedule of the tasks that will be achieved within the project (Rees-Caldwell and Pinnington 214). The diagram is useful during the initial stages of the project because it provides the details of the way forward in completing the project. It covers the elements of the project beginning from the initial stages until the final product is presented to the users. The diagram is also presented from the left moving to the right to ensure the chronology of events. Various paths will be followed leading up to the commencement and completion of the entire project, but they will all move from the beginning to the end. The timed tasks should be completed on time to avoid delays in completing the project. This is critical given the reality that the various elements are set within particular time periods that should be adhered to as strictly as possible.

17.1 Activity-On-Node (AON) + paths and Critical Path + Slack

Activity Description Duration ————————–
A Approval 2 months A
B Site selection 2 months A
C Project planning 2 months A,B
D Resource acquisition 4 months A,B
E Budgeting 2 months A,B,C
F Project review and  commencement ——————– A,B,C,D,E


17.2 Activity-On-Arrow (AOA)









From the diagram, it is evident that two paths will be followed from the commencement to the end of the project:

  1. ABDEF=10 months
  2. ACEF=6 months

17.3 Gantt Chart

Scheduling is an important part of managing the project. Among the tools that can be used to achieve this end is the Gantt chart. The chart is an illustration of the schedule of the project, from the beginning to the end. It shows the date that the project is scheduled to begin, the dates of the activities that will take place, and the date it is expected to come to an end. The summary elements, as well as terminal elements, are also shown as the project’s work breakdown structure. The Gantt chart is created using a MS Excel application (Rees-Caldwell and Pinnington 215). It indicates the schedule of the project from the beginning to the point where the actual development of the accommodations begins. The planning is expected to run for a period of one year and two months, from October 2017 to December 2018.

18. The Triple Constraints

18.1 Scope

This basically alludes to the down to earth segments that, when finished, set up together the completed look of the venture. They indicate the boundaries and the other elements of the complete project. The extension is regularly expressed in the start of the venture improvement arrange to guarantee the achievement of the venture. The quality measures the extension’s prosperity conveyed to the end client. Extend scope puts an accentuation on creating and working a shrewd and imaginative method for giving items to stay away from additional cost.

18.2 Time

Time is of the essence in the production of such a major project as the Dubai Labour Accommodations. It is critical to manage time effectively to ensure that the project is started and completed in time. This part portrays the time it takes to create and convey the yield. Typically, the time expected to make the finished result is related to the aggregate necessities, which are components of the last item together with the quantity of assets that are doled out to this venture. The various elements of the venture are cautiously allocated the time it will take to complete them. Successful completion within time eradicates the possibility of using unnecessary resources, running the risk of running beyond the budget of the venture.

18.3 Cost

This alludes to the assessed measure of cash expected to complete the venture. Fetched uses various information sources, for example, utilities, work, apparatus, and other. When seeking the funds from the sponsors, it is necessary to understand the amount that will be required. Our expenses are incorporated into the spending data segment in the Project Charter. It is always critical to come up with a budget of the anticipated expenditure for the entire project, and as much as possible try to provide the results within the budget. Failure can lead to incomplete project or the need to seek more funding to complete the work.



18.4 Budget Information

Expected requirements Budget
Land Dhs 10,000,000
Construction and Planning Dhs 5,520,000
Salaries Dhs1,000,000
Project Planning Dhs 70,000
Equipment’s Dhs 800,000
Utilities Dhs 150,000
Other expenses Dhs 1,150,000


19.  Responsibility Matrix

The project will involve a number of individuals who will be working, on a regular basis, from different offices, capacities and divisions of the business. The various individuals will have particular contributions to ensure that the venture is completed successfully, within time and budget. The venture administrator is responsible for the venture yet this does not mean they are exclusively in charge of all the work included. They will work with the help of various other parties, each with particular roles (Rees-Caldwell and Pinnington 215). The project will engage different responsibilities to be carried out by the different individuals taking part in the completion and implementation of the project. The responsibility matrix is a depiction of the responsibilities that will be taken up by the various players in working out the venture.

A Responsibility Matrix is utilized to characterize who in the association is in charge of individual work components and expectations (Rees-Caldwell and Pinnington 215). By shaping a framework with the work breakdown structure and the hierarchical breakdown structure, obligations can be appointed to lower level assignments. The matrix maps out the various responsibilities that will be engaged from the beginning to the end and the people who will work to complete the tasks.

  1. Communication Plan

Communication will be an important part of the project and will require that information flows effectively across the entire team involved in the project and to the other stakeholders (Turner 62). All the players within the venture will require to know how well the project is moving, and this is only possible where there is effective communication through the right channels. There will be someone responsible for the communication aspect of the project. The venture correspondence arranges for that aspect and will direct the messages to a venture’s influenced partners, which is a basic piece of any venture. Communication will move in all directions within the venture. Amid the arranging period of the considered venture, it has to make an abnormal state Communication Management Plan that characterizes the general correspondence necessities for the venture.

21.  Allocating Project Costs Using The Work Breakdown Structure

It is critical to understand the cost of the various elements of the work structure, to have a view of the cost of the whole project (Rees-Caldwell and Pinnington 214). Proper allocation of the costs is critical in ensuring that no element is left without the resources to work with, for the overall benefit of the project. The structure is a snapshot of the work elements and the cost of each. It is also a snapshot of the cost for the whole work. The total cost can be evident from the structure.


(Dhs. 106,420,000)

Construction technology (Dhs. 800,000)




















22.  The Risk Breakdown Structure

There are various risks that are likely to impact on the successful completion of the project, which can be categorized as external, technical, and manufacturing (Burke 18). Understanding the risks allows the planners to prepare for them and to mitigate them so that they do not impact negatively on the outcome of the project. Risks can have serious ramifications for a project if they are not handled effectively. Any effective project manager should look out for the risks that might hinder the success of a project. Identification of the risks is the initial step towards addressing them in the most effective way to prevent the negative effects.


External Technical Manufacturing
Regulatory restriction Technological failure Faulty building materials
Labour laws    


23.  Risk Assessment Form

The risk assessment form indicates the risk value of all the risks likely to impact the success of the project. The value also indicates the risks that should be carefully mitigated since they tend to have greater impact on the project compared to others. The project manager should be wary of the risks and deal with them as appropriate.

The risk Likelihood Impact Difficulty Risk Value
Regulatory restriction 3 3 4 24
Weather 1 4 3 8
Labour laws 3 3 4 46
Technological failure 4 2 3 44
Faulty building materials 4 3 3 42


24.  Resource Allocation Plan

The resources should be acquired and well allocated to be able to complete the project successfully. If the resources are not well allocated, there will be risk of delays in beginning and completing the project. Thus, there should be in place an effective resource allocation plan to avoid the chances of delay in completing the program or failure in other aspects. The plan will take into consideration the type of project constraints, technical and physical issues, type of resource constraints and the availability of the resource being allocated.

25.  Project Procurements Plan

The project cannot work without procurement of the materials and resources that will be used in completing the project. The various materials necessary to work through the project will be sourced from different sources.








Procurement Management Plan
Project name:
Project manager:
Description Type Source Timing Status Comments
Machines Machinery Mohamad Fare and bros. 2 months Received In good condition
Technology Technology Mohamad Fare and bros. 1 month Received In good condition
Concrete Raw Materials Sultan and sons. 2 months Received In good condition
Equipment Raw Materials Sultan and sons. 1 month Received In good condition
Hardware Raw Materials Sultan and sons. 1 month Received In good condition


26.  Wrap-Up Closures Checklist

Wrap-Up Closures Checklist


I.            The project team has been incorporated with different responsibilities.

II.            The entire team is prepared for the work ahead.

III.            They have the schedule to follow to complete the whole project.

IV.            They are ready with their assignments and responsibilities.


I.                   All the vendors s and suppliers have been identified.

II.                60% of the supplies have been made

III.             40% of the suppliers are being processed


I.            The equipments are in place.

II.            They are all in good working condition.

Comment: The work is in good progress and will commence on schedule.


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