Posted: March 24th, 2023

Country Study Proposal: Brazil

Country Study Proposal: Brazil

The country proposed for the study is Brazil, which is among the middle income economies. The sources of data include GlobalEDGE, Trading Economics, Heritage Foundation, World Bank, and Transparency International. The sources are credibly acceptable for research, academic, and other uses. The following table identifies the key variable, the period of the data covered, and the sources as mentioned above.

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Variable Time-period Source
Top 5 Imports Partners: China, United States, Argentina, German, and  Nigeria  2014  GlobalEDGE


Top 5 Export Partners: China, United States, Argentina, Netherlands, and Japan.  2014  GlobalEDGE
Top 5 Imported Commodities: Oil & Mineral Fuels, Industrial Machinery, electrical machinery, Motor Vehicles & parts, and Organic chemical  2014  GlobalEDGE
Top 5 Exported Commodities: Ores, Oil Seeds, Oil & Mineral Fuels. Meat, and Industrial machinery  2014  GlobalEDGE
Real Per Capita GDP  2006-2014  Trading Economics
Openness Index  2012-2016  Heritage Foundation
Imports/GDP  2006- 2015  World Bank
Exports/GDP  2006- 2015  World Bank
Current Account Balance/GDP  2006-2016  Trading Economics
Corruption Perception Index  2015  Transparency International
Exchange rate: 2006-2015 Trading Economics
Average tariff rate  2006- 2015  World Bank
FDI flows  2006- 2015  World Bank

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