Posted: March 24th, 2023

Conflict Management and Resolution

Conflict management is a critical process in all organizational settings, including nursing. People apply different approaches when managing conflicts. From the Conflict Management Styles Quiz, my leadership style is harmonizing. The method concentrates on the need to create and maintain relationships (Dai & Chen, 2017). Therefore, whenever faced with a conflict, the leader focuses on a solution that will maintain relationships. I am always prepared to sacrifice personal preferences and needs to ensure unity among members of a group. I easily give in to maintain positive relationships within the team. I put the concerns and needs of others before mine to create a peaceful working environment. Positive interpersonal relationships play an essential role in achieving organizational objectives because people are willing to work together in harmony (Howell & MSRS, 2014). The style is appropriate in nursing because of the need to promote harmony to support patient care.

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Nursing is a caring profession in which care providers help patients with diverse clinical needs. At the same time, the organizations are prone to different kinds of conflicts, including between nurses and other care providers and between practitioners and patients. Conflicts affect their work because they should have positive interactions with each other and with their clients to achieve positive patient and organizational outcomes (Howell & MSRS, 2014). Therefore, as a leader, I try to sacrifice my needs to create the kind of environment where nurses and patients relate optimally. The needs of the patients should be a priority in the nursing environment. Therefore, whenever a conflict emerges in the workplace, I surrender personal preferences and try to understand what others want. It is important to have nurses working in harmony to support and meet the patients’ needs.

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