Posted: March 24th, 2023

Comparative SWOT Analysis for HP and Dell Companies

SWOT Analysis for HP and Dell 


A quick SWOT analysis reveals that innovation is the greatest strength of Dell. The firm is highly involved in emerging technology opportunities such as virtual realities (VR), artificial intelligence (AI), and blockchain. The company has launched its 14G PowerEdge servers in the market. The innovation provides a scalable business perspective that optimizes data centers for emergent workload requirements, including Intel’s Xeon messaging while supporting intelligent automation using application-programming interfaces (Moorhead, 2017). In addition, Dell is involved in blockchain innovation that creates a shared platform for health records access with service providers to improve the quality of medical services in the United States.  

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Blockchain-based solutions provide a progressive approach to medical health records under the control of patients. For instance, a patient suffering from a heart attack in New York can access his or her health records in Illinois powered by virtual innovation in Dell Company. Through AR and AI innovations, the corporation is exclusively engaged in manufacturing smart AR helmet and glasses for a new experience in employee training and AI perspectives that simulates the technology of self-driven cars. Systems drive opportunity and ease work operations in the emerging disruptive sector.

Although the innovative approaches of Dell are focused on improving the technological experiences of current generations, the objectives of Hewlett Packard (HP) Company focus on future strategies. For instance, HP provides effective models to ease application in environmental management and disruptive healthcare research. The company intersection in BioConvergence enables the amalgamation of processes and the advancement of digital technology (Warner, 2018). The blend of physical, bio, and cyber methodologies delivers high success in technology-oriented systems and enhances a secure and safe environment.

For instance, blending lithium-ion batteries developed from alfalfa seeds and pine resin is part of the BioConvergence success and a major strength of HP. In addition, in its efforts to ensure environmental safety, HP technology extends its conservation methods by collecting ocean-bound plastic to make original ink cartridges. The area is a great achievement for the company in its endeavors to deliver a safe environment for the entire global ecosystem. Therefore, HP earns a competitive advantage from environmentalists over Dell.


The quality of customer service for Dell Company has been deteriorating over time. Clients have complained of frustrating experiences such as excess payments, faulty invoicing, and non-supportive customer care executives (Verma, 2018). Therefore, those situations affect the company through negative publicity, reducing revenues.

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Conversely, HP operates robust customer service that is responsive to the needs of consumers. Executives are well-trained to address the customers’ needs comprehensively regarding issues with products purchased, cost payments, and technology adjustments scheduled by the company (“HP Customer Service by Experts,” 2018). Hence, this successful trend in customer relations will continue to enhance HP’s success.

HP brands are more expensive compared to Dell products. The main reason for price differentiation is that Dell products are manufactured as per orders placed by its major customers. Therefore, the company retains little stock, leading to reduced inventory costs. However, Dell’s delivery may be delayed, based on its strategy of order-manufacture-deliver, compared to HP’s approaches, which encourage readily available products for marketing to any client making requisitions.


Dell organizes a meeting annually, which brings together global innovators and IT experts, giving the company a real opportunity to tap into a progressive resource in the technology industry for future application. HP and Dell face a promising option of expanding cloud service and enhancing their networking, storage, and security solutions. Currently, the area is experiencing high demand in the market. Therefore, the global focus of organizations is on IT systems, security, and cloud computing, allowing companies to tap into the sector. Since businesses focus on attaining an international outlook, the areas of distribution, inventory, and logistics management are major focus. Accordingly, the two companies can tap into prospects provided through software, hardware, and, more specifically, cloud monitoring.


Consumer interest in laptops and PCs is steadily declining due to an accelerated interest in tablets, among other highly enabled technological devices. Therefore, Dell and HP face intense competition from rival companies like Apple and Lenovo, among other firms. The declining interest in laptops also affects Dell’s software industry which targets computers for its innovative applications (Arthur, 2012). Firstly, the cost of delivering mainstream disruptive approaches through hardware or software is high. Hence, it implies that Dell and HP companies must make considerable investments to address the emerging technologies in the market.

Secondly, given that IT is a dynamic sector, the level of technology redundancy is high. Rival companies like Toshiba continue to invest in high-end research and development in disruptive technology, rendering current product breakthroughs a temporary lifeline. Finally, augmented reality picture illustration tools replace the laser copier developed to print high-tech photos. HP is likely to be affected by Dell’s augmented reality innovations. Furthermore, since HP also manufactures virtual reality headsets, the product may consume part of the revenue set aside for the printer product line.



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