Posted: March 24th, 2023

cognitive behavioral therapy


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Case 1

The social worker would use cognitive behavioral therapy. The intervention is effective with most psychotherapeutic issues exhibited by the man with intellectual disability. In this case, the client cannot live alone; therefore, I would seek the social support of the local community care home. The man will stay in the facility when his mother is hospitalized. The man would find a community that would watch over him and provides a sense of home care to address the maladaptive thinking that intellectually disabled people need. I would collaborate with Goodwill Industries and County Transportation to ensure they take him from the local community care at 8:00 AM and return him at 5:00 PM. The intervention will focus on community-based care. I will ensure that social work practice addresses the element of resilience for the man. According to CASW, social work practice operates within the macro and micro levels of intervention (para 5). The goal is to promote social change and foster human relationships. The intervention will improve the wellbeing of the man by intervening at the point where he meets with his environment. I will demonstrate the capacity to address the client’s challenges by considering the broader social and human dimensions of his intellectual disability.

Case 2

The best intervention strategy would be considering the staged approach for engagement. The woman is frail and sick; therefore, the immediate solution would be to take her to the hospital for health care intervention. To achieve this intervention, I would approach local community-based agencies that offer health care for the vulnerable in society. The goal would be to find health care interventions to address any illnesses, injuries, and pain from the abusive relationship. I would engage other stakeholders to ensure that the woman and her two children find a safe place they can stay before following up on their welfare checks. The home care solutions in my area would offer a place where the woman and her two children would go and live for a short time as I look for a sustainable solution. The home care services would allow the children to bathe and access amenities to help them lead normal comfortable lives. Thus, I will recommend partnering with other organizations such as the local church, women’s aid, and domestic violence crisis to develop and offer services. The core of this intervention is to realize an institutional framework that incorporates health, law enforcement, and social services to help the woman and her two children receive the necessary help. I will examine the intersecting oppressions and other women experiencing issues (Watson para 27). As a result, I will address the woman’s needs, such as safety, healthcare attention, and financial prospects.

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Case 3

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is an effective intervention for the case of a man with crack use. Since he is reluctant and torn, I would encourage him to start the four-week legitimate detoxification program. I would use a brief treatment model to support active and direct rehabilitation (Unegbu 23). As a result, I would help the man conform to rational thinking. I would center the approach on the principles of changing cognitions such as judgment, beliefs, and persecutions. The goal would assist the man in appreciating that crack use is a learned behavior that can change. Therefore, behavior change using cognitive intervention would use a process to highlight the stimuli that trigger using crack. I would help the client face his value systems, learn new beliefs and create ideas to help him deal with the issues. I will help him think, act more, and emphasize developing his capabilities in solving the problems. As a result, the client would replace his maladaptive habit in the four weeks and healthy behavior. I will ensure that the client creates responsible planning and new awareness on crack use.

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