Posted: March 24th, 2023

Business Ethics

Business Ethics

Every business platform is under particular guiding principles which are referred to as ethics. To start with, business principles are explained as the laid down rules that every individual or corporation should adhere to because they determine whether the behavior or conduct is acceptable by the society (Brusseau, 2011). Particularly, ethical business practice is essential because it ascertains sustainable personal growth and an increase in business or individual productivity. Therefore, the study supports the idea that ethical business practice is crucial to a person’s personal success.

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The first reason why ethical business activities are essential to personal success is that they provide a sensible guide on the critical issues related to an individual (Wiig, 2012). Nevertheless, it is important to note that the degree of values differs from one person to another. However, the position that an individual ranks every value impacts on their career choices in one way or the other.  For instance, if one cherishes security more than the personal achievements then they become more risk-averse oriented than achieving their career objectives. In addition, humble people show lots of reluctance in taking on risky opportunities at the expense of their career progress (Butts, 2012). Therefore, business ethics act as a guide that assists in making decisions in regards to the available job opportunities and individuals’ daily actions.

The second reason why ethical business is vital to personal growth is that it forms a grounding basis for an individual. Therefore, values position one’s behavior in the sense that they instill in them what is right or wrong (Butts, 2012). However, personal values are developed through an individual’s upbringing, relationships, and the experiences they have had in their life. On the other hand, professional characteristics are transferred through education and are induced by the organization’s code of ethics. For instance, the International Coach Federation business ethics expect that each employee maintains truthfulness in their adverts and also ensure to keep the confidentiality of their clients. Thus, when one adheres to the required ethical standards, then they avoid trouble with their customers, organization, the law, and their immediate colleagues. Moreover, following the practical business ethics rules has proven to strengthen the level of trust that people regard to an individual (Butts, 2012). As a result, the ideas employees present tend to gain more support and lead to cooperation at the workplaces and provide them with the opportunities of becoming future leaders.

The third reason why upholding ethical business practice for personal success is critical is that it builds lasting integrity. In fact, protecting integrity requires an individual to stay true to the laid down business practices. However, people who compromise their beliefs due to a particular job diminish their self-respect, which in turn leads to feelings of resentment (Carroll & Buchholtz, 2014). Notably, succumbing to the pressure of sacrificing one’s ethics may appear to do well for the company and the bosses who may appear to attract monetary rewards. However, despite the pressure aimed at bending one’s belief, maintaining integrity ensures that one keeps good interaction and respect for family and community. Moreover, straight dealing assures the strengthened relationships, good reputation, and career progress.

As it is evident from the above discussion, ethical business practice at a personal level does not receive much attention. Nonetheless, an individual who adheres to the laid down rules in their daily practice is assured of success at a personal and business level. In essence, the reasons for upholding business ethics at a personal level builds lasting integrity, improves behavior, and sensibly guides people towards the opportunities they take.

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