Posted: March 24th, 2023

Business Article Review

The article analyses the impact of the primary conditions on the endurance of international joint ventures through the considerations of transaction cost theory (Triki & Mayrhofer, 2016). The gist of this article is the determination of the role of the crucial conditions on the durability of international joint ventures. Therefore, the entire evaluation in this article is centered on how the conditions during the creation of joint ventures influence the long lasting aspect of the joint ventures.

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It uses experiential research that was conducted on a sample of over 124 international joint ventures created in Southern and Eastern Mediterranean (SEMED) states (Triki & Mayrhofer, 2016). A large number of participants in international joint ventures were meant to guarantee the effectiveness and success of research outcomes. In fact, SEMED were selected because of their frequency in making international joint ventures.  Fundamentally, the rate at which international joint ventures are being created is very high. Therefore, this research focused on this area as a way of increasing the chances of creating dependable results for the research. In addition, by focusing on the specific area, it was more convenient to conduct research on the mode of creating international joint ventures. Indeed, the approach was also thought of as a credible strategy because being a single region, it could be possible to compare notes on the results of different international joint ventures concerning the evaluation.

It is worth noting that the outcomes of research indicated that the mode of creating international joint ventures influences their durability (Triki & Mayrhofer, 2016). However, it is evident that the number of partners along with the structure of ownership did not have an impact on the durability of international joint ventures. In essence, the results of this research underscore the significance of the geographic context for field studies on international joint ventures.

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