Posted: March 24th, 2023

African Diaspora Skeptical about Pan-Africanism

The African race is spread across the world. Several reasons explain the presence of Africans in various nations, including investment, education, politics, and business, among other perspectives. Although activities of the pre-colonial era influenced the migration of Africans to other parts of the world, especially in the United States of America and Europe, other factors have also played a significant role during their relocation. In addition, scholars, historians, and political leaders maintain that blacks in other nations have their root in the African continent. Therefore, such terms as the African diaspora have arisen from political, academic, and professional discussions to share the viewpoints that Africa is the home to all blacks, irrespective of any underlying legal or political considerations. Therefore, the statutory factors, such as change of citizenship and human rights abuses, have been cited as reasons for immigration. Despite attempts by African leaders to ensure unity through pan Africanism, African diaspora remains skeptical of integration initiatives and acknowledgment of their origin due to underlying leadership and economic challenges.

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The issues in Africa go beyond a quest for the continent’s unity. Africans are infiltrating all sectors of the global economy, including medical engineering and the virtual reality technology, which drive the world economy. Regardless of such advancements and innovation, black people’s resilient traditions and cultural perspectives continue to be distinct even for the African diaspora. Such cultural ideologies have a closer similarity to the African practices and hence, illustrate the link between the African in diaspora and the African continent. Therefore, the call for African unity through ideas such as pan Africanism as well as African diaspora initiatives should continue to enhance their identity.


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