Posted: March 23rd, 2023

What the most Crucial Section of the Federal Constitution?

In my opinion, the most crucial section of the Federal Constitution is found in the first amendment, especially the part that discusses freedom of speech (Ackerman 339). As a political science student, I acknowledge that freedom of speech is essential for everyone. Significantly, it is due to freedom of expression that the majority rule the U.S.. The governed individuals use their opinion to consent to the decisions made by the state. On the political platform, the governed exhibits freedom of speech through accepting to cast votes for their preferred leaders and policies (Myers 1). Every person at his/her individual level exercises freedom of speech by being active debaters of everyday issues affecting the nation. As such, due to the existence of the right of speech, the leaders ensure to uphold integrity as the voice of the people confines them to the checks and balance policies.

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Significantly, the past August 1963 public address by Martin Luther King Jr. is attributed to promoting freedom of speech in America. During this rally, Martin Luther symbolically presented that America did not uphold equal liberty for all due to the prominent racism that most black Americans faced at that time (Myers 1). Indeed, through this platform, the US started a vigilant journey towards eliminating inequality. Since then, Martin Luther’s famous quote, “I have a dream,” has led in reducing inequality in America (Myers 1). In essence, the freedom of speech remains a fundamental concept in America’s constitution as it promotes the liberal provision of information, which has so far presented change on how people express themselves.


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