Posted: March 23rd, 2023

Theories in Nursing

Regardless of a discrepancy that exists in defining the importance of theories in nursing, there is no doubt that, theories play an important role in nursing research, practice, education, management, and administration. Clearly, theories are the basis for describing, predicting, and explaining the nursing phenomenon (Colley, 2003). In nursing research, theories are the basis for developing new knowledge that is in turn, used in education. In practice, theories inform the process of caring for the sick, given the fact that nursing is founded on the ideals of caring. Leadership, in management and administration, is also successful as informed by nursing theories that indicate nursing as a caring field and the successful leadership of the nurses to achieve the objectives.

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There are many people choosing nursing as a profession, with various reasons underlying such a decision. One of the many theories relevant to the nursing practice is “Philosophy and Theory of Transpersonal Caring” proposed by Jean Watson. The idea presented in this case is that nursing is about the importance of caring for those in need of health care in the society (Watson, 1988). In essence, the primary purpose of any specialty in nursing is to care for the needs of the patients.

The theory has major implications for a registered nurse who has specialized in providing general care for the patients with diverse conditions. The theory suggests the importance of creating a caring environment where the patients feel that their needs are understood and that they are appreciated as humans (Sarason, 2013). As such, the theory provides the nurse with the foundation on how to offer the care that they are trained and prepared to provide. Thus, it is critical for nurses to understand the principles of this theory as it informs practice.


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