Posted: March 23rd, 2023

The Rationale for Validation After the Employee Selection Process

The rationale for validation is to provide evidence that the collected data from the selection instrument correlates with the intended job performance. In the process of selection, the type of recruitment procedure employed only receives approval after the validation process has taken place. After completing the validation process, the hiring staff is assured that the information collected by the selection devices indicates the intended job performance. Therefore, they can continue with the selection process bearing in mind that the selection device is valid. Notably, it is through the process of job analysis to validation that acts as a cornerstone for installing the best selection program (Gatewood, Field, and Barrick 13).

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In any organization, there are several ways to validate the selection process. In fact, the scale may appear valid on face value. Still, when underlying issues need to be discussed, face validity may not determine the accuracy and relationship of some variables. For instance, face validity cannot reveal whether the selection scale can collect data closely related to job performance and apply the information to identify the ideal applicants (Gatewood, Field, and Barrick 10). Therefore, an organization should not use face validity alone, rather, it is advisable to supplement it with the other validation process, such as content validation that systematically takes the collected data and carries out an analysis to determine the relationship between job performance and selection test.

Face validity is quick and easy to apply. Therefore, the process does not have to thoroughly investigate the underlying factor that dictates whether the selection process is robust as it did when applying construct and content validity. In fact, the hiring manager only needs to think about whether the selection process makes sense to those taking part or not, for instance, if the question in a questionnaire meets the intended purpose of the interview, face validity is considered efficient.

The disadvantage of face validation is that the selection process is weak and cannot be quantified. This indicates that it is hard to tell how well the measurement procedure is valid in evaluating what it intends to measure. On the contrary, other validation processes, such as construct and content validity, are objective, and hence they can measure the validity of measurement procedures.


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