Posted: March 23rd, 2023


Statistics play an important role in many sectors, including the health care system. They help in identifying trends to monitor and survey conditions. They can also be used to compare trends at the local, state, national, and global levels. Statistics in health care avail empirical data to help policy-making, depending on areas affected by diseases or other health challenges. Statistics help in improving patient care and processes by focusing resources where they are needed the most.

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Various statistics are available in healthcare. Nurses can collect data in the form of disease incidence, accidents, rates of cure, health costs, rates of infections, medical errors, medical devices, services, mortality, and malpractice, among other aspects. Such data help to realize the extent of a medical problem to implement effective interventions. For example, a nurse leader can collect data to determine the rate of hospital-acquired infections. In addition, statistics inform the need for an effective solution to prevent the infection and improve patient outcome in the health care facility (Davis & Shiland, 2015). The information further justifies investment in health care resources to address a problem. For instance, the data on the rate of infection can rationalize an education program to support hand hygiene compliance among nurses working in an intensive care unit. Overall, statistics play a critical role in improving the quality and safety of care by changing processes.

Health care professionals collect various statistics that inform policies to address medical issues and improve the quality of care. The process involves the use of empirical evidence of a problem to determine the most appropriate solution. In essence, statistical collection and analysis are continuous processes that improve quality in the continuum of care.

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