Posted: March 23rd, 2023

Nursing Integration of Theory, Research, and Practice

Concepts are critical aspects of nursing theories, research, and practice. Thus, theoretical models and their application in practice are understood better by analyzing the concepts (Soares et al., 2014). Such approaches help in designing interventions for health service provision while empowering providers and patients to treat and manage health conditions. They support informed decision-making to comply with the government and organizational regulations to improve safety and quality care.

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The presentation discusses important nursing concepts, in theory, research, and practice. Besides, it includes a discussion of the impact of the concepts in the future of the nursing practice. Nurses should understand the concepts and apply them in their work to support the caring process (Soares et al., 2014). In nursing theory, some of the concepts that emerge are human being, environment, and health.  Assessment, ethics, and evidence-based practice are important concepts in nursing research. In practice, nurses should understand concepts such as caring intervention, advocacy, and self-care.

Use of health informatics will improve research in nursing because it will enhance the collection and management of data. Health information technology has improved and can be useful in nursing to support research and the use of evidence in practice. Another strategy that will improve research in nursing is used a collaborative effort to collect and share knowledge. The increasing complexity of medical conditions requires interprofessional partnerships to design successful interventions. The third strategy is involving stakeholders in the research process (Parahoo, 2014). For example, involving patients will be instrumental in the creation of patient-centred care.

Nursing concepts support research and practice to improve the care process. They promote interaction or relationship between the patient and their caregivers to improve nursing and patient outcomes. Therefore, it is important for nurses to understand the concepts and their application in practice. They should design disease-specific information and use it to treat and manage diverse medical conditions.

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