Posted: March 23rd, 2023

My Experience at My First AA Meeting

AA Meetings are an important event that facilitates interaction among people in need of regaining sobriety. The experience acquired at the meeting is important in enhancing the understanding of the situations and conditions faced by the individuals. The building where the AA meeting took place had one entrance with two floors. Upstairs, there were tables, and downstairs, there were the bathrooms. In addition, there was a stage and a podium with a microphone. The room was well-lit, and the ceiling was brown. In fact, most people were smoking in the room, which made the house non-conducive to the non-smokers. There was a diverse physical appearance of the people in the house; some were well-kept with clean and smart clothes, while others were dirty and wrinkly. The room’s occupants were about 100 members who either were moving around soberly or had just started to move.

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Meeting the people in the facility was not an easy event. My lack of courage and experience to interact with people in such a condition made it scary. My perception of the condition at AA and the people was entirely wrong. The condition of the room was good, and the people were friendlier than I had anticipated. Going to the meeting was not easy, but being the companion of a family member who had been in AA before gaining sobriety assisted me in understanding the addicts better. After talking to individuals in the meeting, I learned the kind of life that the families of people who are addicts experience when trying to assist them. Individual addicts demonstrated their struggle as they tried to return to sobriety. It is imperative to encourage them to keep the struggle against addiction, alcoholism, anxiety, eating disorders, and lack of confidence.


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