Posted: March 23rd, 2023

Massachusetts State Laws and Constitution

While several state laws and constitutional provisions exist, which I use in my work, some of these Massachusetts state laws focus on motor vehicles. Chapter 90 of the 2006 Massachusetts Code provides for the Motor vehicle and Aircraft general laws. This chapter elaborates on the law that requires one to register for a motor vehicle under Section 1A. The requirement for registration is vital while using vehicles as an individual, private entity, or even a public entity. The laws are essential in tracing tax compliance for motor vehicles as the registrar may revoke registrations for vehicles that are not Compliant. I use this law in my work since I use motor vehicles as means of transport. Another law in reference to Chapter 90 I use at work is Section 11, which requires an individual to carry a motor vehicle registration certificate and the license to operate the same. Section 13 of Chapter 90 requires that individuals take precautions for the proper operation and parking of vehicles and buses. I take precautions regarding this state law provision in my daily activities (Justia US Law). Importantly, I comply with state law requiring the maintenance of reasonable and proper speed limits for the safety of self and the general public as espoused under Section 17 of Chapter 90. Other state laws I use include not driving under the influence of intoxicating liquor according to Section 24 and not using the motor vehicle to commit felonies, larceny, or other crimes, as that would be contrary to Section 24A.

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All state constitutions provide for distributions and constraints to political power among the political groups and regions. For instance, according to Kearney and Bowman, state constitutions are often alike in many vital respects but distinct in others (54). However, other matters, such as provisions relating to gay marriages and the medicinal use of marijuana, vary depending on the state. In light of these, state constitutions also have varying weaknesses.

One weakness of state constitutions is their excessive length, which often harbors contradictions, unnecessary legal jargon, and meaningless clauses. This challenge makes it difficult to make clear distinctions between fundamental laws in such constitutions and particularistic issues. When disputes arise, verbose constitutions attract many litigants as courts attempt to clarify the existing contradictory provisions (Kearney and Bowman 60). Alabama and Oklahoma are examples of states affected by this weakness. Hence, such a weakness must be addressed to avoid contradictory provisions that could waste courts’ time and bar people from accessing justice.

Secondly, state constitutions also face diverse substance concerns. Some procedural and practice provisions significantly limit the core powers of key state officers or the general exercise of rights by ordinary citizens. For instance, too much power to executive boards and commissions provided by the constitutions could limit people’s power to public participation in state governments. Another substance weakness relates to the restriction of local government authorities, such as when the government has to acquire permission from the state government (Kearney and Bowman 63). In these cases, the act limits developments in the localities as the local government may be limited in tapping new revenue sources without the state government’s authority.

In conclusion, state constitutions, though different, often have similar provisions in some aspects. Nonetheless, they have weaknesses such as verbosity and many questions about their substance which ought to be addressed to be effective enough for the service of the people.

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