Posted: March 23rd, 2023

Learning Styles

Learning Styles Quiz Worksheet

  1. What is your predominant learning style?

My predominant learning style is auditory. Since this is my preferred learning style, I learn better through listening and speaking (Bhagat, Vyas, & Singh, 2015). I must listen to whatever is being said to comprehend. However, I have problems with written learning content. I listen to information and instructions to process and use them in the future.

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  1. How did this learning style impact your learning in high school or undergraduate school?

I have never had any challenges in situations where I have to learn through listening. I prefer lectures methods compared to reading assignments. During my high school and undergraduate, I performed better in subjects taught through lecturing compared with those that required reading and comprehension. I would ensure that I was keen during lectures and understand as much as possible to learn. I could remember whatever the teacher mentioned in class or during a lecture than what I read from any other source. Therefore, outside the classroom, I preferred group discussions where I could speak and listen to others. Lectures and discussions played an instrumental role in my success in both high school and undergraduate studies.

  1. How will knowing about learning styles benefit your future students?

Understanding learning styles is essential in teaching and learning because people learn and understand content differently. The knowledge about the different learning styles will be helpful when implementing teaching strategies for my future students. I will perform the learning styles assessment and categorize students depending on their predominant styles. I will also vary my teaching methods to accommodate different learners. For example, I will use lectures, classroom discussion, reading assignments, and other approaches to ensure that all students are catered for in the teaching and learning process. The knowledge will also help me to understand students’ strengths and weaknesses to assist them accordingly.

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