Posted: March 23rd, 2023

Importance of Informatics in Wound Management

Technology has made significant gains in the medical sector. Telemedicine enhances the sharing of electronic data and improves quality in the delivery of healthcare services. Chakraborty, Gupta, Ghosh, Das, and Chakraborty (2016) demonstrate that chronic wound care department has benefited considerably from health informatics. Data regarding wound care files are recorded based on sex, age, address, and occupation of patients with other significant medical information such as previously received treatment. In addition, information regarding the bridge, length, depth of the wound, and the clinical diagnosis is also captured. Health informatics provides data on various stages of wounds and the interrelated health challenges, such as hypertension and diabetes exposures. Although wound care nurses have comprehensive skills in chronic wounds, health informatics enhances service delivery and provides better services during wound management.

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Through the perspectives of telemedicine, a clinician can assess wound tissues and appropriately forecast its status, regarding levels of severity. Chakraborty et al. (2016) illustrate that image comparisons of wounds provide a better approach for nurses to manage the severity while assessing the healing process and the impact of the management approaches applied. According to the authors, the collection of data from various classifications and segmentation of wound tissues such as color images for diabetic ulcers may assist in the triangulation of the healing process. For instance, a comparison of the major tissue based on coloring, such as “red granulation, yellow-slough, and black-necrotic” found in chronic wounds may assist during wound management. Therefore, a wound care nurse exposed to informatics can make comparisons of the healing process and initiate wound management procedures by utilizing the data provided in the e-records information platform.

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