Posted: March 23rd, 2023

HR Specialist Career Development

Human resource professionals are critical players in organizations; the individuals can work as specialists or managers. The professionals undertake duties, including handling administrative tasks, hiring, and training employees. The administrative work includes payroll, benefits, and contracts. Hiring comprise the development of job descriptions, interview for candidates, and deployment (Kahnweiler and Kahnweiler 7). The roles as mentioned above are not only sensitive but also of great fundamental since they affect the performance of the employees and the organization at large. An individual interested to excel as HR specialist should understand the career path to undertake and develop a plan to that effect.

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At the entry level, one is required to earn a bachelor’s degree program, which prepares the graduates to undertake duty as an HR professional. Currently, am undertaking the bachelor’s degree. The program assists in the acquisition of knowledge on matters such as communication, working in teams, organizational design, and intervention strategies (Mensah 163). Upon acquiring the degree, I intend to participate in a one-year internship program, which I anticipate that will offer me a platform to practice the theoretical knowledge in a real-life human resource management field.

With the acquired practical skills, it will become easier to secure full employment in the specialization area. Therefore, I intend to enter the job market by seeking an HR assistance job position in prospect organizations, including the federal and state department, as well as private entities.  The target at this career path phase is to acquire at least three years’ experience. Within that duration, I would seek to attend a certification workshop and undertake certified specialist exam (Kahnweiler and  Kahnweiler 106). Lastly, in the bid to enhance chances of advancing into the management position, a master’s degree in business administration will be pursued. In this case, the career development plan will take up to 6 years.

The career path as described is not an easy undertaking since it is a long-term process, which requires resources and support from others. The course work I am undertaking at this stage gives a strong foundation upon which the career objectives can be realized. The course provides an opportunity to acquire transferable skills from fellow students (Kahnweiler and Kahnweiler 106). The class and group discussions bring together the students in addressing questions and discussion on various concepts of the course. Professional values, including commitment and honesty, are highly emphasized as fundamental requirements to support the realization of the career objectives. The interpersonal skills, particularly communication and negotiation as acquired in the course will be of inestimable importance.

Apart from the interaction, the course gives the students the opportunity to gain presentation skills. In this case, every learner is required to make presentations in class on various concepts. As such, the process is significant since it enhances the ability to undertake discussions with business people and partners. The values acquired by the team members through the interaction, including listening and aspects of diversity will assist in building a strong team in the workforce in the workplace in the future (Mensah 163). Furthermore, with the positive teamwork when undertaking the coursework, one creates a strong friendship upon which a supportive career opportunity network is developed.

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As it is evident from the discussion, undergoing through a career path is not an easy task and hence requires proper planning. Having entered into HR career training, the intended internship, assistance HR employment, acquiring professional specialization, and a postgraduate degree will assist in realizing career development objectives.

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